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Gemmato, Undersecretary of Health: “Without vaccines it would have been worse? There is no proof”

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Gemmato, Undersecretary of Health: “Without vaccines it would have been worse? There is no proof”

He denied that certainly without the vaccines against the Covid Italy would have counted more deaths and greater lethality of the virus. She did it from Undersecretary of Health and now the opposition is asking for it resignation. It is storm on the statements of Marcello Gemmato, number two of the ministry committed for two and a half years against the pandemic. “For a large part of the pandemic Italy was first for mortality and third for lethalityhence these great results I don’t see them achieved ”, said the undersecretary, who by profession is a pharmacistduring transmission Restart from Rai 2. To the observation by the deputy director of Corriere della Sera, Aldo Cazzullothat “without vaccines it would have been worse”, Gemmato replied: “This is what she says, we do not have the burden of inverse proof. But I don’t fall in trap to take sides for or against vaccines “.

A questioning ofeffectiveness vaccines in improving the consequences of the infection that caused the immediate reaction of the oppositionsstarting with Enrico Letta: “An undersecretary of health who denies vaccines cannot stay in office ”, wrote the secretary of the Pd. Same request from Carlo Calenda: “He must resign. An undersecretary of health who does not distance himself from the no vax is definitely in wrong place “, says the leader of Action. His words, among other things, came in the same hours in which the vaccine efficacy was claimed by the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni: “Covid-19 is decreasing in many countries, including Italy. Thanks to the extraordinary work of the healthcare personnelai vaccinesat the preventionto the empowerment of citizens, life has gradually returned to normal ”, he said speaking at the G20 plenary in Bali.

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So now several dem exponents are asking her to remove the undersecretary of her party from the ministry: “On Covid the line irresponsible of the government puts i chills. Undersecretary Gemmato says we have no evidence that vaccines work. He will say that he has expressed himself badly, but in the meantime he winks at No Vax. The government clarify. He should be immediately relieved of his post ”, says the mayor of Pesaro and coordinator of the Pd mayors Matteo Ricci. And as ‘predicted’ by Ricci, Gemmato has actually retraced his steps. “Vaccines are precious weapons against Covid, my words ”were “Decontextualized” and therefore “object of easy exploitation”, he wrote in a note. “I have always supported the validity vaccines and the ability they have to protect especially the majority fragile: as undersecretary of health and exponent of FdI – he maintains – I want to clear the field from biased interpretations and ideological “.

While the president of the dem senators, Simona Malpezzidefines “Very serious” the statements of the government official of Brothers of Italy: “In the last few hours we have heard very clear and clear words from the minister Schillaci on vaccines, those ambiguous of Melons and even others deniers of Undersecretary Gemmato. At this point we ask the right to do immediate clarity on the government line on vaccines. On Right to health there can be no ambiguity “. The deputy of Action-Italia Viva Isabella Monte he asks himself: “Is it normal for Undersecretary for Health Gemmato to say verbatim ‘that he is not in favor of or against vaccines‘? Did we get it right, does the Undersecretary of Health say so? Does Giorgia Meloni think the same way? “. The president of the Gimbe Foundation, Nino Cartabellotta, directly calls into question Orazio Schillaci: “We await a clear and strong position from the minister after Gemmato’s statements on Covid-19 vaccines. Otherwise it is silence assent “.

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