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Gusts of wind and storms, damage and flooding: a gymnasium uncovered

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VICENZA – More damage due to bad weather this afternoon July 27 throughout the province of Berica.

Plants in the streets and civil protection with firefighters at work. The greatest damage to San Germano dei Berici where the wind uncovered the gym.

Between the regional ones and those of the firefighters at 8 pm there were 258 interventions in progress.

The region
The President of the Region, Luca Zaia, has already started the procedures for the declaration of a state of crisis caused by the severe wave of bad weather that has hit the Veneto region in these hours, where rescuers have already carried out more than 150 interventions, especially in the most hit: the Treviso, Padua, Vicenza and Venice but also Belluno and Polesine. «It is a duty – says Zaia – in the face of a critical situation that is involving almost the whole of Veneto. We have a list of municipalities already certain – he announces – and others will be added, with damage caused by wind, hailstorms and heavy rains, in these hours and also in the previous days ». «It is essential – he adds – that there is a national intervention; that data on damages are collected by citizens and that a selection is made by the municipalities. Immediately after the dossier the Region will go to Rome to request damages, because in any case agriculture is on its knees, like various other human activities, with damage typical of important and non-ordinary atmospheric events ».
“I thank all the rescue team that is intervening promptly – he concludes -: our civil protection and the many volunteers, the firefighters, the police forces and anyone who is helping out”.

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