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How many minutes of running a day to get benefits: no one imagined it before

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How many minutes of running a day to get benefits: no one imagined it before

The arrival of winter scares everyone because of bad weather and physical activities can stop. It’s not for sure. How much running is enough?


Always stay fit, that is one of the main objectives of people, to be able to burn fat and also obtain the necessary benefits for our body.

But with the winter is approaching it is possible that many individuals avoid going out also to avoid catching flu or ailments. However, they exist effective methods that give results extraordinary in terms of weight loss.

According to the experts of physical activity, walking and running are considered the best workouts to reinvigorate your body. But How long do you have to run?

30 minutes of running a day Running with music-(Sportnews.eu)

Il daily work, the various daily commitments and stress sometimes prevent people from carrying out the correct activity that the body really needs. Must not risk falling in a laziness that is not good to our immune system.

We must therefore be able to find that little bit of time which also guarantees usefulness to our body. According to scientific studies, in fact, 5 trips a day they guarantee benefits to the body. From the mind why reduces stress and free from all the suffocating thoughts of a day, right down to the muscles that will be able to relax in a certain way.

You have so 30 minutes available to allow you a nice and healthy jog? This activity is good for the heart and is a great start to burning calories and promote weight loss.

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Running promotes good mood

It has been recognized that running in the morning guarantees that adrenaline rush that the body needs before starting a day. And also, you need to have breakfast after the run, in order to replenish all the energy burned during the activity.

Between expert studies running as well as freeing from suffocating thoughts, it also promotes good mood: it is in fact recommended to do it with of music which also helps you give your best. Running and music, in fact, are one winning combination so that you can also return satisfied with the effort made.

Let’s remember that everyone must draw up your own program: those who are just starting to run must limit the running time and then increase it when their body begins to get used to it. Then, one’s own is fundamental food diet.

If you intend to lose weight and burn fat, products that absolutely do not help should be eliminated. It is therefore a good idea to get advice from a nutritionist who will advise which diet to follow. Another important point is that the race also favors the sleep, because our brain favors production of serotonin the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake rhythm.

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