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HTC Desire 22 Pro Metaverse mobile phone measurement: travel can take pictures, battery life is enough, and comes with VR applications

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HTC Desire 22 Pro Metaverse mobile phone measurement: travel can take pictures, battery life is enough, and comes with VR applications

HTC Desire 22 Pro, a subsidiary of HTC, was unveiled on stage as “the first Metaverse phone”. Although it is a mid-range phone, it does make this long-lost old friend “HTC” a flagship phone. quantity. After a period of testing, in addition to the appearance, performance and photography of this mobile phone, Yi Ge will focus on the “metaverse features” to share with you.


The HTC Desire 22 Pro is a mid-range phone. The original box uses an elegant design to describe the appearance of the phone. The back of the box clearly indicates the features of the phone, including Qualcomm S695 processor, 8GB RAM, 6.6-inch 120Hz Screen, 64MP triple mirror group, 32MP portrait selfie lens, 4520 mAh large power, wireless charging, IP67 waterproof and dustproof and Bluetooth 5.1 transmission and other characteristics.

Open the original box and you can see the phone, and then you will be provided with the original charging pack, which includes the 18W fast charging plug and the USB-A to USB-C transmission cable, but I have tested it, basically as long as there is a Type- C’s charging packs can charge mobile phones, so it is still recommended that HTC launch mobile phones later. Unless the charging pack is a special fast charging specification, this aspect should be saved, helping consumers save some expenses, and also contribute to the earth. .


The HTC Desire 22 Pro is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chipset with 8GB RAM. This performance is the same as the Xperia 10 IV. The CPU runs at 673 on a single core and 1951 on a multi-core. The amazing thing is that the performance adjustment of this phone is very smooth, and it won’t take pictures. With a lingering feeling, “Yuan Shen” can also run smoothly under the premise of 30fps.


Next, I will share with you HTC’s metaverse. Just as Yi Ge first introduced, as the first metaverse mobile phone HTC Desire 22 Pro, its perspective does not stop there. It comes preloaded with metaverse-centric apps,

This includes the HTC VIVE app that can be linked to other VIVE VR devices,

Including the main HTC VIVERSE that lets you enter the metaverse with one click,

And the VIVE Avatar that can quickly build your own virtual character,

It even integrates VIVE Wallet to allow you to store personal digital assets.

First of all, let me tell you that this time, I will give you a lakeside cabin. I think this can give a lot of people who are new to the Metaverse a taste of early adopters, try to create their own personal virtual space, and then invite other friends to come and visit, so I call it It’s a starter cabin.

Brother Yi did not have the opportunity to experience in depth until he got his mobile phone. He found that the current HTC can be said to be built from scratch, with both software and hardware, and through Desire 22 Pro you can quickly enter the so-called metaverse world, for example Say, open VIVERSE and you can easily enter the famous photographers in AsiaJoshua LinLin Bingcun’s space, watch him in“Exhibited in the Metaverse Worldmirror ink. whiteNFTDigital Gallery.

Or go see JapanBandaiNamco Pictures (Bandai Namco Picture)’s originalIP《Wings of a Little Bird》(BIRDIE WING-Golf Girls’ Story) Metaverse Art Museum.

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However, in terms of experience, Yi Ge strongly recommends that you buy the combination of HTC VIVE FLOW, because the integration of Desire 22 Pro and VIVE FLOW is really deep. After I completed the first pairing through HTC VIVE, I basically only need VIVE FLOW. When you are around, you can connect directly and quickly, just like headphones.

After wearing VIVE FLOW, VIVE FLOW will automatically turn on, and then soon enter the whole world of HTC VIVE. In this metaverse world, you can play games, watch documentaries, and even go to Paris to visit the Louvre Museum, Learn about the history of the world‘s top paintings.

These contents felt quite fresh at the beginning, and I found that the content ecology in the field of VR is very diverse, but the quality is different, and some even have broken pictures, which interrupts the immersive experience. There is one function that I experienced very smoothly this time, and that is the “mobile phone projection function”. Although there is already a self-built browser, some applications, such as Netflix, are still faster to use the mobile phone directly. Projecting into VIVE FLOW to follow the show, the biggest difference between the effect and the home projector is that the privacy is relatively high, and if you use headphones, you will not disturb others.


As a metaverse mobile phone, the HTC Desire 22 Pro also has the ability to shoot. The main lens is 64 million pixels (aperture F1.79), the wide-angle end is 13 million pixels (123 degrees), and the depth of field is 5 million pixels. lens, and a 32-megapixel (F 2.0) Selfie lens. Through these lenses, you can perform dynamic photos, depth-of-field photos, portrait mode, AI scene recognition, time-lapse photography, beauty photography, night scene mode and other functions. Handshake effect.

The average girl can hold a selfie with one hand

The shooting interface of HTC Desire 22 Pro is very nostalgic. After AI scene recognition is turned on, it can automatically identify 15 scenes, and can open 9 style filters. The watermark is also a nostalgic style. This aspect will be recommended after the firmware update. , it would be more practical to open it up to user-defined names.

In addition, the initial shooting interface provides photography, photo, cute face, bokeh and night scene modes. If the focus is completed during the photo shooting process, a green frame will appear on the screen and a camera symbol will appear. At this time, you can directly Click the camera symbol to take a photo. This function has been around for a long time, but in fact, it has not been seen on other brands of mobile phones in the future. However, this phone actually supports standard lens, telephoto, and ultra-wide-angle shooting, but in fact, it provides 1X and 2X on the shooting interface. If you want to shoot ultra-wide-angle, you need to click more, go in and choose, this aspect will suggest follow-up After the update, it is directly displayed in the main shooting lens in the form of magnification. After all, in many shooting occasions, it is actually better to use the ultra-wide angle to shoot.

During the shooting process, I found that the bokeh mode will cause a focus shift problem if shooting portraits. In addition, the color of AI mode will be greenish when shooting in low light sources, but this processor will not cause any jamming during the actual shooting process. Dayton’s situation. After comprehensive use, the lens of HTC Desire 22 Pro is enough. Some problems are slightly adjusted and updated in the form of OTG. I believe this phone will become more practical. Other related actual shooting results are as follows:

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Normal light source shooting mountain and lake scenes is full of saturation
AI mode can faithfully present the effect of shooting flowers in bokeh mode under the premise of sufficient brightness
Shooting landscapes in AI mode
This mobile phone is not bad for shooting landscapes in a smooth environment
This phone needs to be aware of the possible overexposure of highlights during the shooting process, and you can take good photos.
Normal light source landscape shooting
Shooting in the dark
Landscape shooting with normal light source, the distant landscape and the nearby lake are clearly visible
Light and shadow details are obvious
Backlit buildings
Shooting flowers in the light
Indoor shots still show detail
Close-up food details and color rendering still need to be optimized
Shoot food details in bokeh mode
The Selfie lens still needs to be enhanced in HDR processing, color vividness, and picture details, and the overall picture is greenish
The 2x zoom lens has a greenish tint and insufficient color details
The selfie lens is wide enough to accommodate two people. If you simply shoot people, you can present a better-looking picture
Backlight HDR test, lack of details
AI starts the dusk mode, although it cannot draw the outline of the sun, but the overall picture performance is still unique
Portraits at night are noisy and prone to blurring


The size of the HTC Desire 22 Pro is 166.3 x 76.9 x 9.4 mm, and the weight is 205.5 g. There are two colors: “Wave Gold” and “Starry Night Black”. The white body brings a touch of orange. The other starry night black has carbon fiber-like wave stripes and golden carvings on the black body, giving the phone a texture that men demand. It should be noted that the back covers of these two mobile phones are quite easy to eat fingerprints. It is recommended to purchase an additional transparent protective case to protect the mobile phone and reduce fingerprints and friction at the same time.

In fact, it feels a bit like the HTC U12 life in the past. When you hold it, it has weight, no toy machine feeling, and it is not easy to slip. The key point is that the whole machine supports IP67 dustproof and waterproof.

The left side of the phone uses a physical 3-to-2 card slot, which can be directly hot-swapped, supports dual-card dual-standby, supports microSD card, and supports 5G NR in the mobile network, but the WiFi network only supports WiFi 5, but it supports wireless transmission. Bluetooth 5.1 standard. A small drawback is that its back cover is quite easy to pick up fingerprints, so I would recommend that you buy a protective case when you buy it, and first-time buyers will still recommend using the drop-resistant protective case that comes with the first purchase.

The right side of the phone provides a physical volume button and a power button that supports fingerprint recognition. The actual measurement can record up to 5 sets of fingerprints. In addition to being convenient for the right-handed to use the thumb to unlock, even left-handed people can easily unlock with the index finger.

In terms of screen, it is equipped with a 6.6-inch 20:9 LCD light-emitting material, the picture update rate can support up to 120Hz, and the screen resolution can reach FHD+, so it is acceptable in terms of audio and video experience, because this phone only has a single sound. The sound is emitted from the speaker at the bottom of the phone. It is commendable that it retains the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the sound performance is not too bad.


The battery life of this phone is not bad, it is equipped with a 4520mAh battery, the transmission hole is also under the phone, and it supports 18W fast charging. In normal use, I can use it continuously for a little more than a day. If I enter the metaverse and use it continuously for 30 minutes, it will consume about 10% of the power. You can play for 3-4 hours. As for charging, using the original fast charge group to enable Fast Charge, the actual measurement is to charge 18% of the power within about 15 minutes, and about 38% within half an hour. After charging for about 1 hour, the power is increased to about 68%. .

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What is commendable is that this mobile phone has added the functions of wireless charging and reverse charging, which can charge the mobile phone in an environment with a wireless charging version. High availability for mid-range machines.


HTC Desire 22 Pro is priced at NT$11,990 as HTC’s publicized Metaverse mobile phone. The first purchase also includes a military-standard shatter-resistant case, HTC wireless charging disk, a limited amount of cat museum NFT, and a limited amount of VIVERSE personal space. If combined with HTC VIVE Flow, the discounted price is NT$23,490.

Although the HTC Desire 22 Pro is equipped with a Qualcomm S695 processor and 8GB RAM, the overall adjustment is not bad, and there will be no serious lag in operation. Although the shooting ability is not the main appeal this time, and even the shooting interface is a bit outdated, it is still Can be used to record the beauty of life. In short, as a mid-range phone, it still has its value, and even provides 3.5mm headphone jack, memory card support, face unlock, physical unlock, IP67 dust and water resistance, and wireless charging and reverse power supply that most mobile phones do not have. function, the only small regret may be that the charging efficiency is only 18W.

Looking at this phone from a metaverse perspective, I think the HTC Desire 22 Pro is a demonstrative product. HTC even wants to let users around the world know what content a mid-range computer needs to configure so that they can easily enter the Metaverse and enter VIVERSE through a mobile phone or connect to VIVE FLOW through HTC VIVE to experience the fun of the Metaverse.

>At this stage, I also think that such a product does not need very good specifications, because everything is in the cloud, but it will need a very fast network, I hope the next generation of products can support WiFi 6 or even WiFi 7 , If HTC can focus on avant-garde design, let everyone know that this is a metaverse product, not just a “mobile phone”, it will be better. I even think that products like this need a better screen in the future, because most of the time VIVERSE is used is through the screen, so the video and audio experience is the focus.

Many people think that HTC should launch a decent flagship phone. From my point of view, developing a flagship phone is a dangerous move for them. For HTC at this stage, mobile phones are only part of the Metaverse ecosystem. One link, from the perspective of “metaverse mobile phone”, as long as the metaverse continues to attract people’s attention and even demand, then everything will become very interesting. Maybe in the future “metaverse flagship phone” will be the protagonist in a few years, but definitely Not the current focus of development.

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