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If we are paler and feel weak it is because of a lack of this vitamin

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Once upon a time it was enough to have a pale complexion and feel weak to be compared to the famous Transylvanian vampire. Today, in the collective imagination, this character is no longer the protagonist, if we are pale and feel weak it is due to the lack of a vitamin. In fact, in this article we will see, once again, how a probable food shortage is directly linked to a state of physical discomfort.

Its technical name is cobalamin

The vitamin that we lack making us pale and weak is cobalamin. Let’s not be frightened by its complex name, and let’s just call it by its popular name: B12. It is in fact part of the very nourished subgroup of B vitamins, which as we know are essential for our body. In particular, this vitamin is essential for us from birth, since it is an integral part of the growth of the fetus. This is why it may happen that some pregnant women on a diet find themselves in a deficiency of cobalamin.

If we are paler and feel weak it is because of a lack of this vitamin

Usually, apart from future mothers, the category that most risks a deficiency of this vitamin is that of vegans. It is absolutely not our intention to point the finger and make criticisms, but it is food science that supports this. The state of deficiency in fact depends on a deficit in the protein regime. But beware, as we said, this state of temporary anemia can also be traced back to summer. It is during this period that many decide to give up meat for fresher dishes based on fruit and vegetables.

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How to replenish this vitamin without meat

Here, however, we do not have to worry if we want to have a period without the classic steaks. In fact, we can take this vitamin at the table even without the need for specific supplements. We find it abundantly in blue fish, eggs, yogurt and dairy products. Above all, those who are particularly fond of tuna, mackerel and anchovies, which are particularly rich in them, can breathe a sigh of relief.


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