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Illness in the gym, the woman died

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The 59-year-old was a regular customer of the Codevilla Gymnasium. Vogherese, she leaves her husband and two children: she has the funeral this morning


Simona Bottiroli did not make it. The woman, who had fallen ill while she was training at the Gymnasium gymnasium, died Thursday evening in the emergency room of the San Matteo hospital in Pavia. The doctors had to connect it to the ecmo, the machine that allows extracorporeal heart-lung functioning. It was the last hope of saving her life.

The 118 personnel had carried out the rescue: the woman had been resuscitated, intubated and transported to the hospital in record time. But it wasn’t enough. After arriving at the hospital, the woman (she was 59 and a resident of Voghera) underwent some tests but her heart stopped beating. A second resuscitation attempt was useless. A summary examination of the body was ordered to clarify the causes of her death.

For the time being, the hypothesis has been put forward that there were serious problems with the aorta artery that would have caused heart problems while the woman was exercising. A tragedy that made a great impression not only in the Gymnasium gym but also in the other sports centers in the area. However, as far as is known, her death was not directly related to her physical activity. Her funeral will take place this morning, beginning at a quarter past nine, at the Barnabite church. Simona Bottiroli leaves her husband Massimo Brignoli and two children, Gaia and Andrea.

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The tragedy took place on Friday afternoon around 6 pm in the gymnasium located in the Codevilla roundabout. Simona Bottiroli had obtained the certificate of physical fitness. The woman had started her usual workout when she had collapsed to the floor. They were dramatic moments: she immediately lost consciousness. The managers of the Gymnasium had rescued her and realized that the woman was in desperate conditions. One of the staff had grabbed the defibrillator and started resuscitation maneuvers in the hope that the heart would restart. In the meantime, the intervention of the 118 personnel had been requested: the Pavia operations center had sent an ambulance and auto-medics to Codevilla. The rescue had been very fast and Simona Bottiroli had arrived alive in the emergency room.

Unfortunately, “sporting” tragedies in the province are not very rare. In 2017, a 49-year-old died while playing five-a-side football in Rivanazzano. In 2019 a 50-year-old died in Sannazzaro always on a soccer field while a year ago a 50-year-old ended up in intensive care after an illness while playing soccer in Rivanazzano. –

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