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Infermedica AI in the new ADAC Medical app

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024, 10:45 a.m

The ADAC is expanding the offering for its members and launching its new medical app. It offers digital medical support through telemedicine and when booking appointments with doctors. The AI-supported symptom checker from Infermedica serves as an introduction to the digital patient journey. It is also available to non-ADAC members.

Infermedica already supports statutory and private health insurance companies such as AOK plus, Techniker Krankenkasse or Gothaer Versicherungen as well as hospitals such as Sana Kliniken with AI-based solutions. With the ADAC, the Polish company is now supporting another player on its way into the healthcare market.

The increasingly complex healthcare system requires integrated solutions to meet the growing needs of patients. Digital applications for patient navigation such as Infermedica’s Medical Guidance Platform represent one of the critical components in giving patients access to the right type of care at the right time.

The ADAC medical app is an example of what modern, digital and seamless care can look like.

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