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it is law for those who have recovered from cancer – breaking latest news

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it is law for those who have recovered from cancer – breaking latest news

Italy Unanimously Approves Law for Cancer Survivors

Today, the Italian Parliament unanimously approved a new law that will have a significant impact on the lives of cancer survivors. The law, known as “oncological oblivion,” aims to protect the rights of those who have recovered from cancer by preventing discrimination in various areas of their lives.

One of the key provisions of the law is that anyone who has had cancer and finished treatment more than ten years ago will no longer be prohibited from taking out a mortgage, getting a loan, taking out insurance, or even adopting a child. This represents a major victory for cancer survivors, as it eliminates the stigmatization and discrimination they may have faced in these areas.

The law also aligns Italy with other European countries that have already adopted similar provisions, including France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Spain, and Romania.

To better understand the new law and its implications, two leading experts in the field, Elisabetta Iannelli and Saverio Cinieri, were interviewed. They explained that the concept of oncological oblivion refers to the right of those who have recovered from cancer not to reveal information about their previous pathology in order to avoid discrimination.

Cinieri also emphasized that the definition of a “cured” person varies based on factors such as the type of cancer and the time elapsed since diagnosis. According to him, a person is considered cured when their chances of dying from the tumor are almost nil, and their life expectancy is similar to that of the general population.

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The law specifically protects cured individuals from discrimination in financial, banking, and insurance fields, as well as in procedures for ascertaining suitability for adoption and in accessing competitions, work, and professional training. It also enhances the role of patient associations and oncology volunteers in the implementation of the law.

However, the law does not apply to those who cannot yet be considered cured of cancer due to the time that has elapsed since the end of their treatments and the last evidence of illness. This exclusion is based on precise medical criteria and is not considered a form of discrimination.

It is estimated that approximately 3.6 million people in Italy are alive after a cancer diagnosis, and at least one in four can be considered completely recovered. However, the time necessary to reach the same life expectancy as the general population varies depending on the type of cancer, ranging from less than a year for certain types to beyond 15 years for others.

Overall, the approval of the new law represents a significant step forward in protecting the rights of cancer survivors in Italy. It has been hailed as a victory for Parliament and for civilization, and a long-awaited change that now allows millions of recovered individuals to live their lives without the burden of discrimination.

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