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Lazio-Turin, Sarri protests: ok Ghersini’s management, Rocchi does not stop him

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Lazio-Turin, Sarri protests: ok Ghersini’s management, Rocchi does not stop him

The designator would have considered the most important decisions of the Ligurian referee to be right. Sarri had criticized his work after the match

Maurizio Sarri will probably be disappointed: the designator of Can A and B Gianluca Rocchi would have no intention of stopping Davide Ghersini, the thirty-eight-year-old referee of the Genoa section who last night took the barbs of the Lazio coach after the knockout at home against Turin. It is not the first time that “Mau” has flooded towards the referees: the first happened on 3 September 2022, when his Lazio were defeated by Napoli at the Olimpico. Yesterday evening, his words after the match were loud and clear (“Ghersini must be stopped”) but Rocchi – despite having encountered management that was sometimes a bit confused between fouls given and not in the middle of the field – considered the choices correct area not to award a penalty kick on occasions that saw Singo opposed to Hysaj and Pedro to Ilic.

no stop

In short, Ghersini will almost certainly not be stopped by the designator of Can A and B. And by stopping we mean the 2 months recently given to Juan Luca Sacchi, for example. According to the logic of rotation, the Lazio-Turin match director will probably appear on the next day as Fourth Man in Serie A or as referee in Serie B. “He needs to be stopped: a TV series would be needed to put all his mistakes together. The yardstick for fouls changed every three minutes – said the Lazio coach after the match against Toro -. The first goal comes from a lateral foul hit a meter in the field, then the penalty on Hysaj is clear. This is a referee to stop, his refereeing influenced the match. I wonder how seven people (he also refers to the referee’s collaborators, including Var and Avar, ed.) didn’t see these things”.

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or scarce or plan b

Already in the recent past, on September 3, 2022, Maurizio Sarri had thrown himself towards Can after a home defeat against Spalletti’s Napoli who said “I liked Sozza’s refereeing, he will become one of the top in Italy”. Sarri, on the other hand, said after that match: “Either the referees are scarce or there is solution B, which is more worrying”, a phrase that aroused amazement and even annoyance among the top referees. To those statements, Gianluca Rocchi on 28 September replied “Sarri’s criticisms of the referees after Lazio-Naples hurt me. I’ve known Maurizio for many years, he’s Tuscan like me and sometimes he exaggerates. I hope I don’t hear more sentences from the kind. To our referees you can tell everything, but not that they have second thoughts”. For those thoughts aloud, Sarri was referred by the Federal Prosecutor and had to pay a fine of 4,000 euros as a result of the plea deal. Will the Sarri-Rocchi “duel” continue?

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