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Lodi, the Lithium gym closes its doors

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Lodi, the Lithium gym closes its doors

It was supposed to be a new square for the city, a place marked by vitality and aggregation. And even if over the years some new points of reference have arrived – for example the Polo Universitario Lodigiano, which brings movement with its students – even the farewells are repeated, effectively emptying the prestigious open space signed by the starchitect Renzo Piano, one valuable pieces in terms of the architectural beauty of the city. Even Elena Brigatti’s Lithium gym closes its doors permanently at the Bpl Center in via Polenghi Lombardo. It is the owner herself who communicates the end of a journey, which however for her also means the beginning of a new road, in a long journey made up of different experiences, which will now lead her to collaborate with Francesco Izzo’s I-Medica. «20 years have gone by in a flash, because when you do your job with great passion, this happens – she says -: personally, I have always loved sport and already at the age of 4, as a fanful gymnast, she began to compete in artistic gymnastics in competition ».

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