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So-called “advice pages” comment on everything (possible), and sometimes you can find a “crucial” saying that clearly indicates a direction, like this one

“Discover what matters most to you, then do more of it!”

Psychologists of the old school would possibly offer to work with their client to eliminate possible obstacles – but that would be a topic in itself.
Nobody will deny that “food and drink” are important – but it would be doubtful that this multifaceted topic is “most important”. Within this topic, hummus plays its own important role – a sunflower seed hummus, which can also be understood as pesto, represents diversity here. The fact that there is a Jewish-Palestinian cookbook that advocates the opinion “Good food can build bridges” is currently no consolation and hardly any perspective, given the excessively barbaric events in the Middle East.

Part of our reason of state is dedicated to Israel’s security, and not every stance on this is compatible. We expand our vocabulary after Habeck gave a speech on anti-Semitism. However, “reason of state” is actually an outdated term that can be used to “justify” all kinds of things, including ultimately the behavior of fellow citizens that conforms to reason of state.

Sweet potato soup with mixed yogurt and salad (mixed sprouts and iceberg lettuce)

However, such an image is not an equal substitute for the real product, which disappears when eaten, leaves traces if someone makes a mess, but is also “immortalized” in a food memory when it comes to preparation.

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Neuropsychologists speak here of forms of brain activation – a waterfall “in real life” is a different experience than on TV.

If the broccoli soup is too light green, a little spirulina can help.

Slow Food (Germany) will award the Ursula Hudson Prize again in 2024; I answered two questions about this:

1.) What is the exemplary commitment to sustainable nutrition? Research and communication of information and experiences on obesity and healthy, sustainable nutrition. Fair trade using the example of roasting your own coffee. Example of fermentation, e.g. E.g. pickled vegetables, but also tempeh. Current position on diets: A balance of self-control and self-regulation should be sought. Offering recipe examples for adoption and continuation. Climate aspects of nutrition and much more. 2.) What public impact was achieved? (feel free to insert direct links) The article played a (small) role in dismantling the diet craze, and at least fake diets have already disappeared from the presentation.
The fact that “diet” has a double meaning today is not widely understood in general, but the role of “balance” is more important
Example (vegan) spreads: http://portionsdiaet.de/rezepte/selbst-machener-brotaufstrich-steinpilz-kokos-und-andere
Tempeh: http://sketchnet.de/konsum/tempeh-vielfalt-einer-fleischalternative
Organic agriculture: http://sketchnet.de/verbrauch/nachhaltig-gesunde-erfutter-mit-der-biolebensmittelgrundbedarf
– as well as many, many mixed posts, since the website has been running since 1999.

“Potato Salad” with Pak Choi; The chopped leaf ribs contributed to the salad.

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