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Losing weight-diet-health » Because of the loss of culture and loss of connection, humanity is losing and we have the “familial torment of diets”

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In a 15-year-old interview that I listened to by chance and “on one ear,” there was talk of the “cultural erosion crisis,” of old values ​​that can no longer be conveyed and of the lack of new ones.

Well, great: If we no longer feel our values, maybe we at least still have access to needs and feelings, depending on our character and situation, for example. B. Feelings of hunger, which are, however, distorted and manipulated, (also) by a food industry for which good advertising strategies are worthwhile investments.

Today the pizza is homemade; Even if the portion is small, it should be accompanied by salad.

In the interview linked above, the man who died this year Oskar Negt the absence of any “… Passion for change [beklagt]. Without these [Leidenschaft der/für Veränderung] The analysis also becomes one-sided and loses connection to the meaning of the whole.”

In the background we can think of the general ones Loss of connection, orientation and experience – and also remember that democracy is not innate, but is only made possible through political education:

It requires a lot of effort to establish a “Citizens’ Council for Nutrition” (1., 2.]even temporarily, and we have not learned how to run an equal, democratic, voluntary self-help group ourselves. This also applies to a neighborhood food cooperative ; it is undeniable that we have ancient patterns of thinking and acting that extend to dysfunctionality.

With a home-cooked pepper soup, there is no need to worry about consuming an “ultra food”. However, anyone who needs to ponder may start to ponder because of the lack of regionality and seasonality.

Binge eating after fasting

As if it were a case of “stop the thief”, certified experts look for and invent errors in our diet, with the assumption being that around half of what we eat and devour are highly processed foods.

“On the trail of the perpetrators

Heavily processed foods (ultra-processed foods UPF) “do their part” and increase the risk of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

Why just report on “risks”, why not straight away: “UPFs and diseases of civilization go together and are part of the system”?

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In any case, one can assume that and try to test the assumption; This is how the press release explains itself with the well-known conclusion: “Further research on highly processed foods [ist] necessary”.

Further research will be much more important in other areas. Common sense is enough to judge the “highly processed satiating foods”, and it’s free. From a therapeutic point of view, the question of a “remedy” for binge eating during and after fasting is much more relevant.

If you produce your own breadcrumbs, it’s a little more work than with store-bought ones – but a “multi-breadcrumb” made from grain rolls, possibly even with baked nuts, has its own appeal. In any case, this is how this bread soup with vegetables came about,

The role of the additional side dish here is briefly steamed broccoli seedlings with a teaspoon of hemp oil and a pinch of salt.

Every now and then the topic “Tempeh“ to point out. The mushroom-fermented product can be made into the shape of an edible but not waterproof plate, as here. In the example picture, oat flakes (!) were used. The resulting product is also durable and edible; The following applies here: higher processing = higher quality!

Under the motto “Variety on the plate” it makes sense to deal practically with relatively original but “neglected foods” such as tofu, tempeh and seaweed.
We would also have to develop and put into practice concepts for forms of production and distribution that make it possible to purchase or purchase fresh goods without long detours.

“Thought intuitively” could also the impulsive eating belong to the list of nutritional culprits from which our health suffers. These “wild impulses” can sometimes be thwarted:

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One solution could be to simply serve smaller portions on the table. A kale leaf as a placemat provides the alienation effect and is still edible after use, at least for some pets…

The chicken fricassee was actually leftover food that was spiced up with lots of green pepper and a few capers.

If we take care of “health”, the solution to the obesity problem in this context arises at the same time. Or: Obesity is, so to speak, a secondary theater of war – this statement from a North American foody forum can be understood in a similar way. What happens far too rarely in these discussions is that people admit that they are opinions.

Nevertheless, advice, regulations and recipes are sought, but it still depends on the individual circumstances and context – that’s what my “manual for losing weight” boils down to, which is not populist enough to be successful. Today I would add:

Following dietary rules is not a sign of lack of freedom, but rather of responsible behavior. You behave according to the rules (“not wrong”) because you act responsibly.

I still find the “Principles of a Healthy Lifestyle” important – almost more philosophical than current scientific, or actually still empirically and scientifically accurate.

The scallion greens will not stay the same as they are here. There will also be something else added:

The diced eggplant is also undergoing changes and is being combined with industrially produced raviolo, for which there is no rule of thumb.

Raviolo in close-up…

Raviolo with sauce and vegetables

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Raviolo gathering before being eaten.

Finally, a little delicacy from the world of nutrition to take with you:

Note that

Five “Fs”:

Fibers Colors Ferments Fat Family

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