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The invitation to the “Food Blog Balance 2023”, which was put forward by the food blog “feedmeupbeforeyougogo.de”, is something with a very long tradition by internet standards.

At least once a year, food bloggers’ attention turns to what others are doing, and so the most frequently accessed article at Fressnet.de was: The Food Blog Balance Sheet 2022.

In 2023 the blog has maintained its “critical course”, such as: B. shows an article about advice and “advice”, which mainly contains examples of nonsense (such as an overpriced, special pasta salt, or half-cooked food from the psycho bag of tricks). Short and succinct, the “trend article” on “food boards” ensured that the regular series of blog articles was not interrupted,
“Decadence, Broad Beans and Healing Water” doesn’t seem to have a specific theme, but it does suggest how interwoven a number of themes are, and some of the photos are worth taking a closer look at.

“The simple, or even the simple” is not always easy to make, be it a strawberry iced tea that you have to try, a Bundt cake that contains processed chestnuts or a bibimbap that is usually combined with kimchi and usually – still – in need of explanation:

“Bi-bim-bap” – is Korean and means nothing other than “mixed rice,” reveal Sabrina and Steffen. Not only is this delicious with kimchi and sesame in the bowl, it is also probably the best leftover vegetable meal.

When it comes to recipes with an international character, some zealots would resort to the accusation of “cultural appropriation”, but cannot cope with the counter-argument of “pseudo-cultural duping”.
Something with algae“Eating is probably sensible, and pasta, for example. B. Adding spirulina turns green. That’s why I cooked tagliatelle with spirulina several times and also made Maultaschen with the same pasta dough. It should not be forgotten that very few vegetable pans with rice, pasta and potatoes have been modeled for a blog article 😉 .

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Now, at the end of the year, I have often thought about integrating video elements, but I still don’t have a solution.
More with tempeh“It would also be interesting – who sees it similarly and is looking for a collaboration that might extend to miso, soy sauce, vinegars, Sriracha and others?

There has also been a new discovery that still needs a little tweaking: hummus, which serves as the basis for a quick soup. You can preserve hummus, or a vegetable paste with different ingredients than the original and with your own name, by boiling it down. With the right canned food, “the soup can be made in no time.” A rich raw food decoration goes well with this.

Unfortunately, I cannot answer the question about the best or funniest search term that visitors used to come to fressnet.de. The search engines with their “secret” algorithms are not cooperative at all – they prefer to sell “views”.

Good wishes for yourself, for the blog, but also for others? “Something with health” or “justice” would be appropriate, as would “happiness and joy”; a portion of imagination that is often needed, as here when making a drink or, if we see ourselves as a community, in our interactions with one another:

„Only polite members say thank you“.

Thank you, dear readers, for your attention!

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