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Losing weight-diet-health » Horseradish practice test, nutritional controls, comorbidities

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Losing weight-diet-health » Horseradish practice test, nutritional controls, comorbidities

When losing weight actually and ultimately fails so often, even though it feels like half the world has free tips, e.g. B. for quick weight gainloss is thrown around, it could be that the tips miss the real problem, perhaps only by a hair, and are therefore not really suitable, because they also have to be “acceptable”.

If a page with the heading “Secret slimming tricks: 20 tips to help you lose weight” comes along, it raises expectations, which is also helped by a photo model who has one foot on the scale when she gets up. Of course: you work with role models, not with real people with problems.

I recently explained that publicly disclosed “secrets” are no longer a thing, and a little later that secret messages can also be passed on very discreetly. In the background we often have a “Language problem“, namely to speak openly and honestly or to show what it is ultimately about, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is possible.

These two pieces of advice come from a series of “Tips for Everyday Life”:

Don’t eat out of boredom, find something else to do. Avoid spreading fat. Alternatively, use quark, cream cheese, mustard,
Tomato paste or horseradish.

However, you can do without butter or margarine and use horseradish as a substitute; this is recommended for croissants. It’s good to know that horseradish is “… a proven home remedy for colds, muscle tension and joint problems”.
You can get fresh horseradish for around €14/kg, or even less; It is usually more expensive in a glass.
Alternatively, you can prepare the root yourself and preserve it at the same time. There are numerous recipes for this online, including in combination with beetroot.

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Grating the horseradish by hand is not recommended; this work involves tears and a sore nose; For this you use a “food processor”.

Here I combined the horseradish with raw fermented beetroot, a carrot and a piece of celery – salted of course; according to taste you can e.g. B. incorporate fresh chilies.

With a matching stone the whole thing is compressed even more; the escaping broth protects the horseradish preparation from oxygen. Sealed, it can now ripen in peace, after about four weeks in the refrigerator.

Fermented foods in particular deserve to be included in the “new food-related nutritional recommendations” of the “semi-governmental” DGE – which the possibility of using horseradish externally does not change.
It has also been claimed that some changes to the nutritional recommendations for Germans are “really difficult to digest”, and it probably appears to be patronizing on sensitive stomachs. To avoid unsettling consumers with a “one egg per week limit”, you should work with people who clearly state what is going on:

Climate protection also includes changing your diet. The choice of what food ends up on our plates has a significant impact on the future of our planet. That means: Eat more vegetables and grains, but less meat and milk.

What “more vegetables” means in detail, in general and in particular would then have to be illustrated in a second step. And of course we want to give legumes a chance, including tempeh.

The fact that a potato salad with fermented beetroot and Chinese cabbage looks different than usual shouldn’t scare anyone. However, drizzling the balsamic vinegar over the egg yolk was an “aesthetic mistake” that should not be repeated.

Our Agriculture and Food Minister means well for the population, especially when the Bundestag (or a fraction of it) debates “nutrition”. But

Chancellor Scholz should implement the proposal of the Future Commission for Agriculture to increase the VAT on meat. In this way, more animal protection could be financed and greenhouse gas emissions from animal foods could be reduced.
For decades there has been criticism that most animals are kept in ethically unacceptable conditions. The majority of pigs or chickens, for example, do not have access to the outdoors; piglets have their curly tails cut off and their canine teeth ground down.

Most people in Germany also eat more meat than is good for their health. The livestock farming is primarily responsible for the fact that agriculture causes 14 percent of German greenhouse gases. It also contributes significantly to the extinction of species. In order for consumption of these foods to decrease, meat and milk must become more expensive.

We’re in a real quandary here. New guidelines are perceived as control and paternalism, some food prices suggest fraud, for example when the contents of the package shrink “inconspicuously”, and this often works Self-control not like she should.

In other words, for all of your efforts to be in control, it is not control you are gaining, it is only stress and anxiety.

To put it another way (somewhat boldly…) if you sow control, you reap stress and anxiety. The FDP rejects advertising bans for children’s sweets, and when its spokesman Ullmann says “… I defend myself against simple solutions” I involuntarily read “… I simply defend myself against solutions”.
Psychology provides explanations for the intentional avoidance of “regulation that violates freedom/repulsive freedom” and the chaotic result, although the “explanation from driving school”, namely “a messy situation when the car is stuck in the dirt” is also sufficient.
The chemistry (of the sexes) now requires, at the very least, to place “toxic femininity” alongside “toxic masculinity” – according to Sophia Fritz’s analysis, there are various “foreign attributions”, for example

The good girl, the power woman, the mom, the victim and the bitch.

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available. The toxic things are e.g. B. Insults, disrespect, excessive self-absorption or “simply” pathological narcissism. In the chapter “Female Narcissism” there is the subchapter “Eating Disorders, Sports Addiction, Burnout: Comorbidities [eine oder mehrere Störungen oder Erkrankungen, die zu einer Grunderkrankung hinzukommen] in female narcissism” an explanatory graphic, which is reproduced here:

In the original it was a tape measure in the plate, not a ruler. One could also say: “Some people live by the clichés they reproduce.”

Perhaps “orthorexia”, which is wafting through the land of narcissism as a thin fog, is just an invention to shame those who know good reasons for replacing milk with oat milk – while politicians demand that oat milk be taxed higher. This politics is rusty, brittle, eternal and immobile.

Tomato sauce with pasta will be a topic that will accompany us all throughout our lives. Here with fried vegetables and black macroalgae; not pretty, but tasty.

And simple leftovers quickly turn into a complete meal:

Motto: A tablespoon of horseradish always works 😉 .

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