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Losing weight diet health » Meat as a cult – diet mistake number nine in the how-where-what miracle diet

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“Too much greed” may have ended up in tenth place in the “hit parade of diet mistakes” by chance, but it’s there anyway: a little recapitulation of the “stuff” won’t hurt.

If in the future Freiburg’s daycare centers and school canteens only serve “meat-free”, i.e. vegan/vegetarian standard dishes, they should do it that way and at most they will only need moral support. The daycare team shouldn’t need a caterer for carrot soup – it can be done cheaper!

I find the future of the egg more exciting – the egg will soon consist increasingly of broad bean and lupine components and, if necessary, will be given a fake eggshell made of lime and biodegradable plastic. In any case, no chicks will escape from these eggs, and for “scrambled eggs” and “egg noodles” you can use the vegan tetra pack filling.

Greed for meat – the human genome has been completely decoded since 2022, we don’t know whether and where the preference for meat, the greed for sausage and meat is registered, and if we did know: How would we use this knowledge?

There is also this knowledge that we, “humanity”, are overusing/overusing planet Earth –

There is such a fear that one person could take the “butter from the bread” of the other, which you already encounter if you simply urge moderation when eating.

“They want to forbid us the pork knuckle… the schnitzel! And I… won’t let my schnitzel be taken away from me. Nobody touches my schnitzel!”

In any case, Alice Weidel made such an inappropriate statement in a speech in Abensberg, Bavaria, and apparently “normal people” don’t want to know anything about them

“… lots of cattle [n, die] pollute the atmosphere and promote the deforestation of the rainforests”, after all, it is the ecologists who “… take the sausage from the people’s bread and the meat from the grill [wollen]“.

Normal people quickly feel bullied and patronized, and interested “elite circles” exaggerate the danger of losing “freedoms” in a way that Matter is not useful.
Normal people also quickly feel “excluded” – an unpleasant feeling, but one that is often justified, while on the other hand, “severe” privileges are perceived as normal by the privileged.
“The thing” is that the world has rapidly become a village – a complicated, networked system in which we have more virtual neighbors than we ever had.

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The scales with a life of their own

If the so-called women’s magazines stopped promising too much on a regular basis in the spring when it comes to the possibilities of “quick weight loss”, all women’s newspapers that refrain from the ritualized humbug would experience a non-ritual decline in sales.

In this respect, the editors-in-chief commission articles such as “Lose weight with xy, thoroughly”, alternatively also “gentle, alternative, lightning fast”, which an “artificial” intelligence can also take over in the future without disclosing what false assumptions underlie their digital work she advises on the subject of “The scales are crazy”:

“You don’t make any diet mistakes, you don’t have any diet stress – it’s all because of the poorly calibrated scales and the sewing dwarves who sew your pants tighter at night!”

The scales have as much life of their own as the reflection that Narcissus admired, “his own being is broken”. (OVID, Met. III, 432-436)

Let’s assume that the tendency to blame the facts that others or devices show us is now that Diet mistake number nine.

Everything has a cause, for example a dead battery, or the display leaves something to be desired because there was a secret binge eating episode…

Vegan flavors

The call for innovation in the food sector is currently undesirable – the new austerity forced by inflation is probably enough for innovation.
Tempeh could fill a gap, but vegan gourmets are also pretty brittle when it comes to simple novelties. This leads to feedback such that I can’t think of anything new.

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As an alternative, I made a little something with fig mustard:

What is the value of an acacia wood serving plate, should it be used as a food board and if so: can you still see wood when the food board is correctly filled?

By the way, on the left side of the arrangement is fermented Parsley root or parsnip – which conversely means that if you don’t ferment anything, you forego enjoyment and relatively easier “abstinence” compared to calories.

It is time to also value such considerations as “real work”; This allows us to create a conducive and productive working environment with positive ecological effects.

Basic organic food supplies would also bring about changes, although not at the same level.

Another panicked topic is called the “refugee problem”, although we seem to have an inexplicable fear of simple and efficient solutions.

“People are left alone by the government with no comfort, no action and no direction. This summer’s climate crisis is being de-discussed by the government. It gets under people’s skin, but has no resonance in politics.”

says Bernd Ulrich in his reference to a ZEIT article that lurks behind the paywall. In this respect, “the people” are actually left alone, especially by the writers. And each other.

The dessert

While “normal people” are too busy with their own worries to worry about the state of the world, they should at least worry about their own dessert…

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