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Loyola University Seville Campus to Begin Offering Medicine Degree by 2023

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Loyola University Seville Campus to Begin Offering Medicine Degree by 2023

Loyola University plans to begin teaching a Medicine degree on their Seville campus by the end of 2023. This comes after the General Council of Universities approved the study plan for the degree, which had been previously questioned by the Agency for Scientific and University Quality of Andalusia (Accua) in the spring. The Board is urged to approve the new degree before December in order for the private center to develop the first course of this education.

The announcement of the new Medicine degree in Seville has generated significant interest among students. In April, 180 applicants took the specific access test for the degree, competing for the 60 planned places. The high cut-off mark required for the degree, above 13, reflects the high demand for the program in Hispalense.

The high cost of the Medicine degree, which is the most expensive offered by Loyola University, may serve as a barrier for some students. The first year of the degree costs 14,200 euros per student, including a place reservation fee of 2,300 euros, a registration fee of 700 euros, and the cost of credits at 225 euros each. The price of credit in Medicine is reflective of the extensive facilities and services that the Loyola Faculty of Health has invested in, totaling 30 million euros.

Despite the high cost, the demand for the Medicine degree is expected to continue to exceed the 60 places offered at Loyola University. The institution’s pricing policy outlines the payment structure for the degree and clarifies that the money paid for reserving a place will be applied to official tuition.

Following Medicine, the next most expensive degrees at Loyola University are Physiotherapy and Nursing, both costing 11,200 euros per student for the first year. These degrees also faced approval challenges but were endorsed by the General Council of Universities and the Board.

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Students considering transferring from a private university to a public university should note the requirements for validation of credits and the selectivity note. These factors are considered by teaching committees at each university in determining the transfer of credits and eligibility for continued study.

Loyola University is preparing to launch its Medicine degree and further expand its offerings to aspiring students in Andalusia. With new programs on the horizon, potential students now have more options for pursuing a career in the healthcare field.

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