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Marburger Bund: University doctors expect concrete tariff improvements

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Marburger Bund: University doctors expect concrete tariff improvements

12.01.2024 – 11:31

Marburger Bund – Federal Association

Berlin (ots)

The Marburger Bund is increasing the pressure in collective bargaining negotiations with the Collective Bargaining Association of German States (TdL). “University medicine is top-class medicine – this must finally be reflected in the collective bargaining and working conditions of doctors,” demands Dr. Andreas Botzlar, 2nd Chairman of the Marburg Association. Even if the employers refuse to reach a forward-looking agreement in the coming round of negotiations, a corresponding response from the doctors in the university hospitals will not be long in coming, said Botzlar before the third round of negotiations between the Marburger Bund and TdL on January 16th and 17th .

The Marburger Bund expects concrete proposals from employers that can lead to an agreement. “One thing is clear: Completely inadequate wage increases with excessively long terms will not improve the situation. On the contrary – doctors at university hospitals would remain behind in terms of collective bargaining for a long time,” said Botzlar. In the event that an agreement with the TdL is not achieved in the next round of negotiations, the Marburger Bund is preparing a full-day warning strike on January 30th.

In the negotiations, the doctors’ union is demanding a linear 12.5 percent increase in salaries for doctors in university hospitals over a period of one year. The desired linear increase is not only logical because of the continued strong price increase. Rather, it is also about closing the salary gap with other hospital providers, where doctors receive more financial appreciation than in university hospitals.

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The upgrading of work at unfavorable times is another focus of the demands. “The increasing concentration of work is leading to the ongoing trend of moving more and more of doctors’ regular clinical work to the off-peak hours of the day and to the weekends. This development must be effectively stopped. We are therefore demanding higher surcharges for services at inconvenient times “Botzlar explained.

In addition, the Marburger Bund has set itself the goal of fundamentally reorganizing the system of shift and alternating shift work. “We want a revenue-dependent and individually fair bonus system that takes more than just symbolic consideration of the burdens of shift work,” said the second chairman of the Marburg Federation.

The collective agreement in question (TV doctors) covers more than 20,000 doctors in 23 university hospitals nationwide. The TV Doctors Act does not apply to a number of university hospitals because different collective agreements apply to doctors there. These include Berlin, Hamburg and Hesse. Company collective agreements apply to the university hospitals in Dresden and Mainz; they are negotiated by the relevant regional associations of the Marburg Federation.

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