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Meloni’s question time in the Chamber: “Guaranteeing an independent state for the Palestinians”

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Question time by Giorgia Meloni in the Chamber for a wide-ranging discussion, from healthcare to the EU and the war in Gaza. Precisely on the conflict in the Middle East he had to answer the first question, that of Nicola Fratoianni (Avs), on the initiatives for an immediate ceasefire in the Strip and for a solution to the conflict in line with the “two peoples, two states” principle . The prime minister reiterated that the government’s position is to guarantee an independent state for the Palestinians: “I don’t share Netanyahu’s ‘no’ to the two-state solution.” However, an agreement – she added – cannot “be requested unilaterally: the prerequisite is the recognition of the interlocutors, of Israel and of the right of Israelis to live in safety”. Today is also the day of the preparatory meeting for the Council of Ministers on Thursday: the Charity bill is also on the table. While yesterday the Senate received the first green light for the Calderoli bill on differentiated autonomy, with the opposition protesting by waving the tricolors and singing the Mameli anthem.

Meloni: “We are working to bring Palestinian minors to Italy”

Still on the war in Gaza, Meloni said that we must “work to promote a truce, work towards the release of the hostages, strengthen the authority of the Palestinian National Authority, which is the only possible interlocutor, involve multilateral bodies starting from ‘the EU on the hypothesis of transitional management of the Gaza Strip and on a serious roadmap to arrive at the solution we share”. Then a passage on the protection of the civilian population: “We were the first to send aid to Gaza. I would like to take this opportunity to announce that we are working to bring Palestinian minors to Italy to be treated in our hospitals.”

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