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meningitis, twenty-year-old in serious condition

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meningitis, twenty-year-old in serious condition

A 20-year-old boy from Olbia is currently hospitalized at the Santissima Trinità hospital for type B meningitis. The young man fell ill during a sporting event in Quartu on Sunday and was rushed to the hospital for emergency care.

His condition is serious but stable and slowly improving. After a brief stay in intensive care, he was transferred to Brotzu for further checks due to worsening conditions. Fortunately, his clinical picture has since improved, and he has been transferred back to Santissima Trinità for continued observation.

The local health authorities in Cagliari and Gallura have launched investigations to determine where the young man may have contracted meningitis and to start prophylaxis. The Hygiene and Public Health service of the Gallura Local Health Authority has been conducting an epidemiological investigation, identifying close contacts of the boy, providing prophylaxis for family members and acquaintances, and collaborating with other health authorities in the areas he visited.

The Cagliari Local Health Authority has also initiated preventive measures for the close contacts of the twenty-year-old. Currently, around thirty individuals in Northern Sardinia are undergoing prophylaxis as a precautionary measure.

Authorities are urging anyone who may have been in contact with the young man to seek medical attention to prevent the further spread of the disease. The health and safety of the community remain a top priority as efforts continue to contain the spread of meningitis.


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