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Regional Campaign ‘Keep Your Heart in Shape’ Brings Cardiovascular Prevention to the Streets

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Regional Campaign ‘Keep Your Heart in Shape’ Brings Cardiovascular Prevention to the Streets

Keep Your Heart in Shape: Regional Campaign for Cardiovascular Prevention Begins in Ferrara

The third edition of the regional campaign “Keep Your Heart in Shape” has kicked off in Ferrara, Italy, aimed at preventing cardiovascular risks. The campaign, organized by the Local Health Authority and the University Hospital of Ferrara in collaboration with municipal administrations and local associations, aims to raise awareness about cardiovascular risk assessment and prevention.

The campaign started in Ferrara on September 9th and will continue with eleven stages throughout the region. The campaign brings a mobile clinic, called the ‘heart’ mobile clinic, to the heart of each city involved. In addition to the mobile clinic, a rich program of events has been scheduled throughout the territory to promote cardiovascular health.

The province of Ferrara is one of the oldest in the region, making prevention efforts crucial due to the presence of important comorbidities. Investing in local healthcare, including telecardiology, and raising awareness about healthy lifestyles are essential in addressing cardiovascular risks in the province.

The campaign in Ferrara started with a press conference where Raffaele Donini, the regional councilor for Health Policies, emphasized the importance of cardiovascular risk assessment and prevention. Monica Calamai, the director of the Ferrara healthcare companies, highlighted the need to carry out effective care pathways and invest in local healthcare.

Cristina Coletti, the municipal councilor for Social Policies, acknowledged the significance of Ferrara being the first to open the regional campaign for three consecutive years. She stated that this demonstrates the city’s commitment to stimulating a culture of prevention and collaborating with volunteers to ensure the success of the event.

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During the campaign, various experts addressed the importance of prevention, research, and therapy in addressing cardiovascular diseases. Biagio Sassone, the director of the new Department of Integrated Cardiothoracovascular Activity, presented the epidemiological picture, highlighting the high number of deaths from cardiac arrest in Italy each year and the need to address risk factors.

Carlo Alberto Volta, the director of the Department of Integrated Emergency Activities, emphasized the higher frequency of cardiovascular pathologies in Ferrara compared to the national average and stressed the importance of prevention, research, and therapy.

The campaign also included a mobile clinic in Piazza Castello on September 9th, where citizens could receive free check-ups and evaluations of their cardiovascular risk levels. Over 200 screenings and approximately 350 interviews were conducted, with six people being referred for further checks at the Cona cardiology unit.

The campaign also included counseling sessions on prevention and healthy lifestyles, with experts providing information on physical activity, healthy eating, smoking cessation, and correct oral hygiene. A special session on physical activity was organized at the open-air gym on the Walls, where participants received guidance on the correct use of the fitness tools available.

The campaign is not limited to Ferrara; it is also expanding to other areas in the region. Open Days for cardiovascular risk assessment are scheduled at the Delta Hospital and in the square in Cento. Information mornings will also take place in Comacchio, Bondeno, and Copparo, where healthcare professionals will provide health and prevention services.

The “Keep Your Heart in Shape” regional campaign aims to promote a culture of prevention and raise awareness about cardiovascular risk assessment and prevention. By providing tools and education to both healthcare professionals and citizens, the campaign aims to improve cardiovascular health and reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases.

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