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New system personalizes chemotherapy doses. « Medicine in the Library

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New system personalizes chemotherapy doses.  « Medicine in the Library

New system personalizes chemotherapy doses.

Posted by giorgiobertin on April 25, 2024

When cancer patients undergo chemotherapy, the dose of most drugs is calculated based on the patient’s body surface area. This is estimated by inserting the patient’s height and weight into an equation, dating back to 1916, formulated from data from just nine patients.

To make chemotherapy dosing more accurate, MIT engineers have devised an alternative approach that may allow the dose to be customized for the patient. Their system measures how much drug is in the patient’s system, and these measurements are fed into a controller that can adjust the infusion rate accordingly.

We believe that recognizing advances in our understanding of how drugs are metabolized and applying engineering tools to facilitate personalized dosing can help transform the safety and effectiveness of many medicines” – says professor Giovanni Traverso.

The new system they designed, known as CLAUDIA (Closed-Loop AUtomated Drug Infusion regulAtor), uses commercially available equipment for each step. Blood samples are taken every five minutes and quickly prepared for analysis. The concentration of 5-fluorouracil in the blood is measured and compared to the target range. The difference between the target and measured concentrations is fed into a control algorithm, which then adjusts the infusion rate, if necessary, to maintain the dose within the range of concentrations within which the drug is effective and non-toxic.

Read the full text of the article:

DeRidder, L. B., et al. (2024) Closed-loop automated drug infusion regulator: A clinically translatable, closed-loop drug delivery system for personalized drug dosing. With. doi.org/10.1016/j.medj.2024.03.020.

Fonte: WITH

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