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NEXON’s new shooting game “Behind the Scenes” opens beta test “VEILED EXPERTS” on Steam

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NEXON’s new shooting game “Behind the Scenes” opens beta test “VEILED EXPERTS” on Steam
NEXON announced today that the new PC online shooting game “VEILED EXPERTS” developed by its studio NEXON GAMES will be beta tested on the Steam platform for the international version. Players only need to enter the game page of the store and select “Apply” Permission” to download and enter the game.

[The following content is the original text of the information provided by the manufacturer]

“Behind the Scenes” is a five-on-five team battle third-person shooter game. This test will be conducted in one game mode, four maps and nine key players. In addition to the relevant game background information released last time, this The second focus will be on the changes in the landscape of the game map. The buildings and components in the game will collapse and skew according to the progress of the game. At the same time, there will also be changes in the weather environment, such as severe sea fog, sandstorms and other sudden weather phenomena, which will increase the strategy of the game. The importance of modes and flexible gameplay.

Map landforms that change as the battle progresses

In addition to the playtest, various events are also being organized to commemorate the international beta test. When the in-game character level reaches 10, you will get the Beta commemorative costume for that VIP, and if you get all VIP costumes, you can get an additional “BetaMPX Expert” Lapton who can use gold MPX. During the test period, as long as the players participating in the test fill in the game questionnaire, a prop “Beta VX mask” that can be worn by the game character will also be presented in the future. Players are requested to fill in it actively. And from June 16th to June 19th, there will also be a Twitch DROPS event. As long as you watch the live main channel with the treasure drop function enabled in the game list of “Behind the Scenes” on Twitch, you can also go to Twitch after hanging up to watch for 1 hour. Get special costumes for each VIP!

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  • Commemorative Apparel & Gold MPX


The most distinctive feature of “Master Behind the Scenes” is the landscape that changes according to the battle situation, as well as the five-on-five team battle environment built with different mission objectives. This beta test will run from now until June 26th, players who want to try the new shooting game may wish to open Steam and have fun with players all over the world.
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