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Planting flower boxes with examples – summer ideas for outdoors

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Planting flower boxes with examples – summer ideas for outdoors

Boxes and other plant containers can be put together in so many different ways that you probably can’t even imagine. Nevertheless, some people find it difficult to come up with something interesting, if only because as a hobby gardener you can hardly know all types of flowers. In addition, you also have to know the respective location and care conditions, because after all, the selected species should feel comfortable in one and the same place. We know it’s difficult. Would you like a little help planting the flower box with examples for the summer? We introduce you to beautiful balcony plants that you could combine.

Plant flower boxes with examples for the summer – balconies, windows, terraces

Not only flowering plants are perfect when you want to plant flower boxes in summer. There are also green ones or those with variegated foliage that can complete a combo while adding texture. Most of the flowers and plants mentioned below come in different colors, so feel free to come up with your own color schemes.

So, what flowers can I plant in balcony boxes now?

Summer flowers for the balcony in the sun – hanging petunias and standing angelonia

Petunia, Verbena, Coleus, Sweet Potato, Angelonia on three levels for the sun

If you are now thinking: “Not again petunias…!”, look at the arrangement again! These are not the classic petunias that you may have overlooked, but smaller varieties. They hang over the box, creating three levels of color and elegance in combination with the medium-sized specimens and the tall standing ones in the background. What else is in this combo?

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Planting flower boxes with examples for the summer:

A – Petunie (Petunia) in Pink
B – Verbena (verbenia) in Pink
C – Buntnessel (Coleus) in Bordeaux
D – ornamental sweet potato (morning glory potatoes) in green
E – Angelonia (Angelonia angustifolia) in white

Plant flower boxes with examples for the summer – green and white balcony flowers

Minimalist idea with geranium, ivy, busy lizard and snowflake flower for shade

If you want it to be more minimalist in terms of colors and prefer a monchrome arrangement, the combination of white and green is simply ideal. Lush and elegant describes this example best. Here are two levels composed of the following specimens suitable for the shadow:

A – geraniums (Pelargonium) in white
B – Efeu (Ivy helix)
C – snowflake flower (Bacopa)
D – Busy Lizzie (Impatiens) in white

Or how about this duo, also with summer flowers for the shade:

Planting flower boxes with examples for the summer - ornamental asparagus and white begonia for a puristic duo in green and white

A – Zierspargel (Asparagus sprengeri)
B – Begonia (Begonia) in white

The ornamental asparagus is perfect if you want to display flowers hanging and thus extend the arrangement downwards. The begonias, on the other hand, are the perfect balcony flowers, standing to fill the upper areas.

You can find more ideas for the shady balcony here.

Flower box for balcony railings, large windows or patio borders

Snowflakes, magic bells, helichrysum, vanilla flowers, indoor hops for large boxes

In a larger box you can really get creative. However, before you decide to choose such a balcony box, make sure that the railing can really carry the weight. Otherwise, an oversized planter is better suited for framing a patio, for example, where it stands securely on the ground. Otherwise you can see in this example a combination of different colors and the following plants for flower boxes:

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A – Snowflake Flower (Bacopa)
B – Torenie (Torenia) in Pink
C – magic bell (Calibrachoa) in Pink
D – Zimmerhopfen (brandegean justice) in Rot
E – Vanilleblume (Heliotropium) in Lila
F – Capacitance (Felicia) in white
G – Helichrysum (Helichrysum petiolare)

Romantic trio for small boxes

Ornamental sweet potatoes, magic bells, mini petunias for a small flower combo

Three specimens that you can choose for your own planting ideas for the balcony, window and terrace in any color to create your own color scheme. Either way, you can simply combine a larger number in the box if the example is too small for you. The arrangement is very interesting due to the dark sweet potato in the middle. It is surrounded by delicate flowers in pink and pink. You can see these plants for balcony boxes in the picture:

A – magic bell (Calibrachoa) in Pink
B – Mini-Petunie (‘Supertunia Visa Bubblegum’) in Rosa
C – ornamental sweet potato (morning glory potatoes ‘Blackie’) in dark purple

Plant flower boxes with examples for summer – bee-friendly flowers

Plant flower boxes with examples for the summer - parsley, magic bells, zinnia, lantana, verbena

Would you also like to do something good for bees and other insects with your planting? Among other things, attract butterflies with this colorful idea: Lots of green with bright accents here and there in pink, yellow and subtle white makes this idea really summery. The arrangement has something that reminds us of colorful summer meadows. A surprising part of this composition is the parsley, which fills in the gaps perfectly. These plants for sunny balconies are included:

A – Verbena (verbenia) in Pink
B – Parsley (Crispy parsley)
C – Zinnie (Zinnia) in white
D – five-figure shrub (Stage) in white
E – Lantana (Lantana) in yellow
F – magic bell (Calibrachoa) in Lila

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Are you looking for the right thing especially for the sunny location? Have a look here!

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