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Preparing for Flu Season in Lombardy: Vaccinations to Begin from October 1st

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Preparing for Flu Season in Lombardy: Vaccinations to Begin from October 1st

Lombardy’s Vaccination Season Begins with Flu Shot on October 1st

Lombardy, Italy – As the fight against Covid-19 continues, Lombardy is gearing up for its annual vaccination season, starting with the flu shot on October 1st. An open day has been organized by the Assts (Local Health and Social Care Company) throughout the region, and reservations for the flu shot will be available starting from September 28th via the regional portal.

The General Directorate of Welfare has released new details about the vaccination schedule. After the open day on October 1st, vaccinations will begin at hospital facilities from October 2nd for healthcare workers, pregnant women, chronic patients, as well as guests of RSA (Residential Health and Social Care) and RSD (Rehabilitation Health and Social Care) facilities.

Starting from October 9th, general practitioners and pediatricians will administer vaccinations to the recommended categories, which are offered free of charge. This includes individuals over the age of 60, individuals with underlying health conditions, children aged 6 months to 14 years, and family members or contacts of high-risk subjects.

From October 16th, participating pharmacies in Lombardy will also offer vaccinations for the target categories. Finally, from October 23rd, vaccination centers in the area will begin administering vaccines for the recommended categories.

While the focus is primarily on the flu shot, experts emphasize the importance of vaccinating children as well. Guido Marinoni, president of the Bergamo Medical Association, stresses that it is essential for those with frail conditions and the elderly to receive the flu vaccine, along with healthcare workers. Marinoni also states that previous vaccinations do not exempt individuals from the need for an annual booster.

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Luigi Greco, a pediatrician and treasurer of the Medical Association, highlights that flu vaccination is crucial for children aged 6 months to 18 years. For children between 6 months and 2 years, the vaccination will be administered intramuscularly with a “split” vaccine. From the age of two, the vaccination will typically be administered through a nasal spray.

Once the new anti-Covid vaccine becomes available, co-administration of the flu shot and the Covid vaccine will be possible.

As the vaccination season in Lombardy kicks off, authorities are urging residents to take advantage of the flu shot and protect themselves, their families, and the community from the risks associated with influenza.

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