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Raspberries: Delicious, low-calorie summer fruits > – Guide – Cooking

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Raspberries: Delicious, low-calorie summer fruits  > – Guide – Cooking

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Raspberries have few calories and still have a great, fruity-sweet aroma. The healthy summer fruits taste good in desserts as well as in salads or with meat. tips and recipes.

In summer, raspberries grow in gardens, in fields and sometimes along the way. Their season is relatively short here, they are only available from regional cultivation from June to September, with the summer raspberries ripening first and the autumn raspberries starting in August.

When buying, it is advisable to use raspberries from the region, because the fruits taste best when they can fully ripen and have only short transport routes. If you pick them yourself, you can recognize ripe raspberries by their bright red color and sweet aroma. Raspberries picked too early, on the other hand, taste sour and do not ripen any more.

Properly store raspberries in the fridge

Raspberries taste best fresh, for example with muesli.

Raspberries are very sensitive, should be transported with extreme care and eaten as quickly as possible. If you don’t use them immediately, they belong in the fridge, preferably next to each other on a flat plate. They stay there for about two days. If raspberries are stored too warm, they will mold quickly, if they are on top of each other instead of next to each other, they will become mushy.

If possible, do not wash raspberries

Before processing, the fruit does not necessarily have to be washed unless it is heavily soiled. It is usually sufficient to sort the raspberries thoroughly and sort out leaves or mushy raspberries, because washing dilutes the fine aroma. Should it be necessary, however, it is best to place the raspberries in a sieve and carefully dip them into a bowl of water.

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Process raspberries into desserts and meat

Raspberries go well with cakes and desserts such as ice cream, quark dishes or smoothies, but also with savory dishes. Its aroma goes particularly well with poultry and veal. They also give salads a delicious fruity note, and they taste particularly good when combined with the tart, hot aroma of rocket.

Further information

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Summer recipe raspberry tiramisu

A great summery dessert is raspberry tiramisu in a version without an egg. To do this, stir the mascarpone with the cream and sugar until smooth, soak the ladyfingers in the cooled espresso and, if you like, some amaretto or brandy. Lay the biscuits in a flat dish and spread the mascarpone cream and raspberries on top. Then add more layers of sponge cake and cream, chill and sprinkle with cocoa powder before serving.

Cook jam or jelly from raspberries

If you want to save the delicious taste of the berries over the season, you can process them into jam, jelly or a smoothie. In this way, even larger quantities can be well protected from mold.

It is best to freeze raspberries individually

You can also freeze raspberries. First pre-freeze the fruits next to each other on a tray in the freezer and then fill them in freezer bags. Although the thawed fruits are always a bit mushy, they are well suited for further processing.

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Raspberries: Healthy ingredients, few calories

In addition to a large portion of vitamin C, provitamin A and several B vitamins, raspberries contain a particularly large number of secondary plant substances. These are said to have an antioxidant effect – meaning they can repair damaged body cells. In addition, raspberries contain only 33 kilocalories per 100 grams, a lot of iron and other minerals and fiber.

Raspberries: Nutritional values, minerals and vitamins on average per 100 grams

Calories: 33 kcalProtein: 1.3 gFat (total): 0.3 gCarbohydrates: 4.8 gFibre: 4.7 gSodium: 1 mgPotassium: 200 mgCalcium: 40 mgPhosphorus: 44 mgMagnesium: 30 mgIron: 1 mgVitamin A: 4 µgVitamin E : 0.9 mgVitamin B1: 0.03 mgVitamin B2: 0.07 mgNiacin: 0.3 mgVitamin B6: 0.08 mgVitamin C: 25 mg

Plant and harvest raspberries in the garden

Incidentally, raspberry bushes are among the rather undemanding plants. If you have a garden or a sufficiently large balcony, you can usually plant raspberries without any major problems and enjoy your own harvest every year.

Further information

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