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Sanofi health trend: pharmaceuticals – one of the three most important industries

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Sanofi health trend: pharmaceuticals – one of the three most important industries

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When it comes to the sectors that people in Germany consider most important for their personal lives, the healthcare sector is one of the most mentioned. On closer inspection, it is not surprising: not only that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the major sectors of the economy with over 120,000 employees, the products and services affect you personally. The current Sanofi health trend not only shows how Germans feel, but also how they feel about the pharmaceutical industry.

Innovative, important for personal health and for Germany: This is how most respondents view the pharmaceutical industry. Almost two thirds of people in Germany see this branch of industry as one of the three most important things in their lives. Only the food industry gets an even higher priority. A quarter of those surveyed even see the healthcare sector as the most important.

Apart from personal health care, most respondents also consider the pharmaceutical industry to be essential. 89 percent believe that the health sector is important for Germany. They are supported by important key figures: With more than 120,000 employees, the German pharmaceutical industry generated sales of around 56 billion euros in 2022. The healthcare industry is therefore not only a very large employer, but is also one of the most important sectors in terms of turnover.

Almost nine out of ten people (88 percent) see an industry with a future in the economic sector. A similar number, 87 percent, also agree that the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients should not only take place in Asia. The older the respondents, the higher the agreement with this statement, with over 60-year-olds it is even 92 percent. A clear sign that the vast majority of Germans would like to see more political commitment to maintaining Germany as a location for innovation, research and production. Because the pharmaceutical industry makes a major contribution to health and prosperity and will continue to offer secure jobs in the future.

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How important the pharmaceutical industry is in everyday life has not only been seen in the corona pandemic. The current shortage of medicines and antibiotics makes it clear that important political decisions have to be made in order to maintain healthcare in Germany.

A key industry for health in Germany

As a research-based healthcare company, Sanofi is a key part of this key industry. Not only are we a major employer, we also set ourselves apart with innovative therapies and vaccines. This is a distinctive feature of the pharmaceutical industry. In the Sanofi health trend, 79 percent of people in Germany agree somewhat or completely with the statement that this sector is shaped by innovations.

The research and development of new medicines and therapies not only ensures tomorrow’s prosperity, they are growth drivers for an entire economy. They make a significant contribution to value creation and maintain productivity. That is why Germany is also pursuing the goal of increasing spending on research and development (R&D) to 3.5 percent of gross domestic product. The pharmaceutical industry has already come a long way: around ten percent of all industrial R&D expenditure is attributable to healthcare companies such as Sanofi.

The future of the pharmaceutical industry: Creating the right framework for long-term success

The importance of the industry is also reflected in wishes: Eight out of ten people (79 percent) think that politics should help strengthen the pharmaceutical industry in Germany, because 84 percent see it as a mainstay of the health system in Germany.

However, the pharmaceutical industry can only live up to its role as a key industry if politicians recognize the great potential for technological and social change. To do this, framework conditions must be created that ensure the international competitiveness of research and production in Germany.

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The Sanofi health trend

We regularly ask Sanofi Gesundheitstrend how the respondents are doing. With a deeper understanding of the human situation, we want to improve medicine. In the current representative survey by the opinion research company Nielsen IQ, only 41 percent stated that they are doing very well or well. The value is thus firmly at its lowest level. In our two surveys last year, only 41 percent stated that they were doing well. That is ten percentage points less than in the second quarter of 2020.

Our representative survey also found that 48 percent of men are significantly more satisfied with their health than women, where only 35 percent say they are doing well or very well.

The Sanofi Health Trend regularly surveys this mood and also asks about an in-depth topic – this time it was about the importance of the pharmaceutical industry in Germany.

Download graphics

The graphics are available for download here: https://ots.de/2lUJOD


Nielsen IQ Sanofi health trend Q2/2023, April 2023, online survey, n=1,000

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Stefan Dietrich + 49 (0)69 305 30165 | press@sanofi.com

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