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Shingles, family doctors essential in prevention

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Shingles, family doctors essential in prevention

Fimmg Lombardia Launches Training Course for General Practitioners on Adult Vaccination

Fimmg Lombardia is taking steps to promote the importance of adult vaccination, particularly in the prevention of Herpes zoster, also known as Shingles. The organization will be launching a training course for general practitioners starting on November 28, 2023, with the aim of providing them with the necessary tools to optimize the vaccination path for their patients.

The training course will be structured according to the “Field training” method, allowing general practitioners to participate in working groups within their professional structures. This approach will enable them to use their clinical and healthcare skills in local medicine affiliated with the NHS to improve their professionalism and immediately apply what they have learned in their daily activities.

Following the initial training event, which will be replicated in all provinces, there will be a six-month phase for the application of the knowledge gained.

Paola Pedrini, general secretary of Fimmg Lombardia, emphasized the importance of vaccinations in adulthood and the elderly, stating that supporting the constant growth of vaccination culture among colleagues is vital in preventing pathologies with significant repercussions on the health of the community. She highlighted the role of the general practitioner as a promoter, organizer, and facilitator of the prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases in adults.

The training course comes as a response to the increasing recognition of the significance of vaccinations in adulthood and the need to enhance the overall management of vaccination strategies. It aims to empower general practitioners to play a proactive role in promoting the importance of adult vaccinations and improving the health of the community.

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