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“Sound” is immersive! ROG Delta S Wireless Gaming Headset Debut | XFastest News

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“Sound” is immersive!  ROG Delta S Wireless Gaming Headset Debut | XFastest News

ROG Republic of Gamers launches the first dual-mode wireless gaming headset – “Delta S Wireless”, with 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth® connection modes, players can experience the freedom of wireless connection as they wish, and multi-device compatibility; with the industry-leading ROG The AI ​​beamforming microphone and AI noise reduction technology complement each other, presenting extremely clear game voice communication. In addition, Delta S Wireless can support PC, Mac, NintendoSwitch™ and mobile devices through Bluetooth®, or connect to platforms such as PlayStation®4 / 5 through 2.4 GHz wireless mode, giving players an absolute advantage to dominate the battlefield.

Dual-mode wireless melody without limit
The dual-mode wireless function of ROG Delta S Wireless is not only suitable for game consoles, computers and mobile devices, but also free from cable interference; among them, the USB-C® 2.4 GHz technology can use the built-in antenna of the headset to transmit signals in real time, and the receiving range Up to 25 meters; Bluetooth mode is equipped with low-latency connection technology to ensure synchronous audio transmission, excellent sound quality, and impeccable.

Built-in exclusive Essence driver unit
ROG Delta S Wireless is equipped with a 50 mm ASUS Essence driver unit and air-tight headphone cavity technology, which can transmit a balanced sound range; the driver unit in the earmuff is designed with a tilt of 12°, which directly guides the audio into the ear canal. With ROG Hyper-Grounding technology can also provide unparalleled powerful bass, pure and flawless high-fidelity sound quality, allowing players to easily enjoy a full range of listening feast.

Made for long gaming sessions
The new ROG Delta S Wireless gaming headset has a long battery life and fast charging function; 15 minutes of fast charging can provide 3 hours of use, and when the battery is fully charged, it can provide up to 25 hours of use time, gamers from morning to night The game continues to be exciting and uninterrupted.
The lightweight and portable ROG Delta S Wireless is only 318g, and comes with 2 ear pads for users to choose and match, including: ROG Hybrid ear pads with increased thickness and breathability, and general ear pads made of protein leather. Both are ergonomically designed with D-shaped earmuffs. Compared with ordinary oval earmuffs, it can reduce unnecessary contact area by up to 20%, and fit closely to both ears, even in marathon game battles or live broadcasts. Comfortable and comfortable.
ROG Delta S Wireless also has built-in ASUS Armoury Crate software, which has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It can easily set multiple functions such as AI noise reduction and audio for different games and usage scenarios, creating a personal gaming experience.
ROG Delta SWireless Gaming Headset, MSRP: NT$ 6,490for more product details, please refer to:

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