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Spahn enforces help for sick women

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In an amendment to the planned Appointment Service Act, Spahn had proposed allowing the legislature in exceptional cases to determine the catalog of services independently of the vote of the G-BA. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, this plan will be withdrawn. Nevertheless, Spahn wants to significantly accelerate the procedures in the G-BA in the future. The aim is to shorten the deadlines in which the G-BA has to process applications. And the Ministry of Health should be able to decide for itself on the further procedure in cases in which these deadlines are violated.


  • In 2014, the patients in the G-BA applied to have liposuction evaluated

  • In 2017, the G-BA determined “treatment potential” but decided that the study situation was not yet sufficient. Therefore new study

  • In 2020, the subjects should be found for this study

  • 2022 expected result


The fact that the G-BA often takes longer to make decisions can be seen from these examples:

  • Positronenemissionstomograpie (PET)

    • Application of the VdAK for inpatient care from 03/14/2003,

    • Application KBV for contract medical care from 24.01.2006

    • Advisory procedures on a number of indications not yet completed
    • = knapp 13 or 16 years and ongoing

  • Neuropsychological Therapy

  • Systemic Psychotherapy

    • Application of an impartial dated 02/11/2013

    • Resolution on the recognition of the benefit on November 22nd, 2018,

    • still no decision on the specific inclusion in the psychotherapy directive

    • = knapp 6 years and ongoing

Other examples of the G-BA exceeding deadlines are the deadline for introducing the DMP for back pain and depression, which expired on December 31, 2016, or the slow implementation of outpatient specialist medical care (the statutory deadline here was December 31, 2012).

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