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Stay sober – addiction prevention in the company

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Stay sober – addiction prevention in the company

05.12.2023 – 11:37

BG ETEM – trade association energy textile electrical media products

Cologne (ots)

Dependence on alcohol, drugs or certain behaviors such as gambling or media addiction also affects professional life. What to do if you notice such behavior among colleagues and how managers should deal with it is the subject of a new episode of “Very Sure”, the podcast for people with responsibility from the Energy Textile Electrical Media Products Association (BG ETEM). .

Anyone who works under the influence of drugs endangers themselves and others. Irregular consumption quickly becomes an addiction, especially since addiction has many faces. It doesn’t always have to be the classic intoxicants. Employers should therefore take addiction prevention in the company seriously.

In this episode of “For Sure” Dr. Elisabeth Wienemann, lecturer at the University of Hanover, and Donato Muro, industrial psychologist and safety engineer, are guests. Moderator Katrin Degenhardt talks to them about what addiction prevention can look like in the company, how to recognize employees with addiction problems, what to do in such a case and what the limits of employers’ duty of care lie. It’s also about when it’s wise to put your smartphone down for a moment.

About the guests

Dr. Elisabeth Wienemann is a lecturer in the advanced training course in ergonomics at the University of Hanover. She advises, teaches and researches in the areas of company health management, addiction prevention and human resources and organizational development. She advises employers to address the issues of addiction and dependency preventively in order to be prepared for an emergency.

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Donato Muro is a safety engineer and industrial psychologist. He supports companies in the development of occupational safety measures and concepts and passes on his knowledge as a lecturer at various German universities. He reports on how different companies deal with the issue of addiction and what they need when they are ultimately confronted with it.

Listen to the podcast and more information

The BG ETEM podcast can be found on the BG ETEM website at www.bgetem.de/ganzsicher. Also on Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts and Apple Podcasts. More on the topic of addiction prevention can also be found in issue 5.2023 of “etem”.

Background BG ETEM

BG ETEM is the statutory accident insurance for around four million employees in over 200,000 member companies. It takes care of occupational safety and health protection in member companies as well as rehabilitation and compensation for work accidents and occupational diseases. For its member companies, BG ETEM assumes liability for the health consequences of work-related accidents and occupational diseases towards employees and also releases them from liability among themselves.

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