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“Stomach ache, the ideal diet”

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“Stomach ache, the ideal diet”

Influenza and Covid: how are they different? And what is the ideal diet for stomach pain which in these festive days is attacking Italians, not only for the exaggerations of the Christmas table?

We addressed five questions to Filippo Anelli, president of Fnomceo, the federation of the medical association.

“The sure proof remains the swab. Because the symptoms are very similar even if Covid lasts a few days longer and above all causes asthenia, extreme weakness. Then, however, for the fever and respiratory tract symptoms it is completely similar to the flu”. – Filippo Anelli, president of Fnomceo

“Always take a swab. In this way we can protect the frail, those undergoing chemotherapy and the elderly. Let’s remember that Covid caused 400 deaths last week, so the mortality rate is much higher than that of the flu. Although luckily the pneumonia has almost disappeared.”

“The stomach ache – Anelli pressed – it is one of the paraflu symptoms typical of circulating enteroviruses and adeno viruses, which are very widespread at the moment, which can also cause gastrointestinal disorders. Nausea is certainly the most depressing thing because it triggers the vagovagal syndrome that is, it triggers a drop in blood pressure, high sweating and a state of malaise which can lead up to collapsing forms. It resolves itself with antiemetic drugs, in short anti-vomiting.”

“Certainly – stated President Anelli – It doesn’t hurt to fast for one or even two days, nothing happens. If you also have intestinal disorders, milk derivatives should naturally be avoided. Stay The advice to drink a lot is always valid. Excellent tea with lemon. Absolutely avoid heavy foods, not even a too rich meat broth or foods with too concentrated sugar are good. Therefore foods such as plain pasta and cheese are preferable. And supplements can also be used to increase the number of electrolytes and lactic ferments in case of intestinal disorders.”

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“Certainly – replies President Anelli – we are in the midst of the flu peak.”

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