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The cumulative global sales of “Monster Hunter: World” exceeded 20 million sets, breaking the CAPCOM sales record “Monster Hunter: World”

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CAPCOM announced today (10/19) that the hunting action game “Monster Hunter: World” (PS4 / Xbox One / PC) The cumulative number of global sales of CAPCOM has exceeded 20 million, which is the highest number of sales of CAPCOM in history.

“Monster Hunter World” is the first work of the best-selling hunting action game “Monster Hunter” series that is completely tailored for high-definition consoles. The screen is greatly enhanced, and the colorful monster ecological performance and the three-dimensional environment of an unfamiliar new world are introduced. The system is fully innovated, introducing a seamless hunting stage and an intuitive and convenient system. After the launch, the response was overwhelmingly acclaimed, and the number of shipments exceeded 5 million sets within 3 days of listing, setting a new sales record for the series.

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Since then, the sales of “Monster Hunter World” continued to grow, breaking through 6 million sets, 7.5 million sets, and 8 million sets. After the PC version was launched in August of the same year, it brought another wave of growth, with sales exceeding 10 million sets. In September of the following year, the launch of a large expansion film “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne” once again drove the sales boom. In January 2020, it exceeded 15 million units and in May 2021, it exceeded 17 million units. Now it has broken the 20 million sets mark.

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CAPCOM stated that due to its continuous promotion of its digital sales strategy in recent years, it has been able to achieve long-term global sales of its main works. In particular, the “Monster Hunter World” launched in January 2018 is the first time that the series is simultaneously launched globally and is actively launching global marketing activities. About one month after its launch, it set a new record for the highest number of sets sold in its own history, and won recognition from major game awards at home and abroad, making the series a global popular brand.

In the following three years, CAPCOM not only actively promoted the digital sales of “Monster Hunter World“, and cooperated with the launch of the large expansion “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne” to simultaneously invest in the version bundled with this article. The two complement each other. The effect of “Monster Hunter World” presents a lasting sales trend around the world, reaching the highest sales of 20 million sets in the history of the family.

In addition, the new series “Monster Hunter Rise” launched in March this year on the basis of the “Monster Hunter” series craze, the cumulative sales of the Switch version have exceeded 7.5 million sets in September, and the PC version is scheduled to be launched in January 2022 , Launched a large expansion film “Breaking Dawn” in summer.

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