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the doctor also saved the life of a child in Rome

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the doctor also saved the life of a child in Rome

Barbara Capovani and the lives saved: one of the donated kidneys of the psychiatrist attacked and killed by one of her former patients a Pisasaved the life of a child, a little hospital patient Baby Jesus From Rome. The news learned in healthcare environments was published by the National newspaper. Even the doctor’s liver was used for a life-saving transplant, in this one in Milan. The heart, lungs and another kidney were instead sent to Siena for the consolidated transplant circuit. According to what has been learned from healthcare environments, in fact, the beneficiary of the donation, while keeping his identity absolutely covered by privacy, was a child who had been waiting for a compatible organ for some time, without being able to receive it. The sacrifice of the Pisan psychiatrist followed by the very generous choice to donate her organs has allowed other individuals to start a new life.

Barbara Capovani, her children and her love for dogs: the broken dreams of the psychiatrist killed in Pisa

But the lives saved by Barbara, in addition to those lives snatched from the darkness of mental illness in her many years of career in the service of the most fragile and, often, the most marginalized, through the removal of her organs are at least two. In fact, her liver flew to Milan for an emergency transplant. Another life-saving intervention, which followed the procedure of emergency procedures precisely to snatch the recipient from certain death. The guarantee interrogation of Gianluca Paul Seung will take place today in prison and he will almost certainly make use of the right not to answer.

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Barbara Capovani, the plan for the Rems: “More places for dangerous subjects”

The doctor’s funeral will almost certainly take place on Sunday with a ceremony at the La Sapienza University of Pisa. The psychiatrist’s partner, Michele Bellandi, has promised that “he will continue his battle to amend a legislative system that is now inadequate to guarantee greater safety for social psychiatry operators”.

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