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the family complaint is filed

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the family complaint is filed

Ancona, 28 July 2023 – An 88-year-old femalein very precarious health conditions, was taken to the first intervention point of the Inrca of Ancona and, after two nights spent under observation, she was found with ants on her.

The complaint came from her family, but it would have been a carer who noticed it, who lowered the sheet and he would have photographed the conditions of the old woman.

The details were provided in a complaint that the 88-year-old’s daughter made to the Ancona carabinieri in recent days. Case checks have begunwith the Nas carabinieri who have been to the National Institute of Care and Research, at the hospital in via della Montagnola, for acquire patient documentationwho was on duty in those days of the health personnel and then send a report to the Public Prosecutor of Ancona.

The crime alleged in the complaintall to be confirmed, it is abandonment by an incapable person. The complaint to the carabinieri was filed a few days later, following the death of the old woman who died on the evening of July 12: terminally illhad arrived at INRCA two days earlier in critical condition and had been placed for observation in a first aid room on the ground floor of the health facility. Her daughter assisted her until the evening of 11 Julyon the morning of July 12 the carer had arrived and discovered the ants.

The hospital proceeded to move the patient and make a room disinfection. Chief Antonio Cherubini was also on duty that morning, immediately informed of the problem. “I’m not authorized to release any statement – Cherubini told Ansa -, there is an ongoing investigation and will serve to shed light on everything. All of our patients are followed up, from start to finish, we don’t abandon anyone, we are serene and trust the investigations”. Internal checks were also arranged and the medical director of the unit, Riccardo Luzi, spoke of the presence of “only one ant ascertained by the oss staff that was present there, we don’t know how it ended up there, but hypothetically it could also have been transported there from outside”. “We do periodic checks for insects – he also said –, we have a company in charge, but we have never had any problems. The lady came to us on July 10, a patient with a terminal illness, but she was followed up constantly, we have all the computerized documentation. She has never lacked assistance,” she concluded.

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