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The Impact of Adolescent Exercise on Mental Wellbeing: ASICS Study Findings

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The Impact of Adolescent Exercise on Mental Wellbeing: ASICS Study Findings

A recent study conducted by ASICS has uncovered a direct link between regular exercise in adolescence and positive mental wellbeing in adulthood. The study, titled “State of Mind,” surveyed over 26,000 individuals across 22 countries, including Spain, and found that maintaining an exercise routine during adolescence can lead to improved mood and mental health later in life.

In Spain, individuals who engaged in regular exercise between the ages of 15 and 17 reported higher levels of physical activity and scored higher on the “State of Mind” scale as adults compared to those who were inactive during their teenage years. However, the study also revealed a concerning trend among younger generations who are becoming less active at an earlier age, which could have long-term implications for their mental wellbeing.

Professor Brendon Stubbs, a leading exercise and mental health researcher at King’s College London, expressed concern over the decline in activity levels among younger respondents and its association with lower wellbeing in adulthood. He emphasized the importance of staying active, especially during adolescence, for maintaining positive mental health throughout life.

Gary Smoker, Executive Vice President of ASICS EMEA, highlighted ASICS’ commitment to promoting the benefits of sport and exercise for both the body and mind. He stressed the importance of supporting and inspiring young people to stay active for their mental wellbeing.

The study also revealed differences in activity levels and mental wellbeing among different generations, with younger generations showing lower “State of Mind” scores compared to older generations. ASICS encourages individuals to prioritize their mental wellbeing by staying active and engaging in regular exercise.

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For more information on the ASICS State of Mind study, visit the official website. The study was conducted between November 17 and December 21, 2023, and explored the relationship between exercise and mental wellbeing globally.

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