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the paid tampons are released. The tariffs

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Luca Zaia come back live today, Monday 9 August 2021, for the latest news on the pandemic from Covid in Veneto. Shoots from midnight today on new public health plan in our Region: the plan was approved this morning by the Executive. The main novelty concerns the tampons: they will no longer be free for everyone, but many citizens will have to pay for the service, according to the rates established at the national level by General Figliuolo. Doctor Michele Mongillo, Prevention – Public Health, revealed which categories will continue to have the tests free of charge and which ones will have to put their hands on their wallet. “We are also preparing a new public health plan for schools – Zaia announced -, but it is still under development”. The president has launched a further appeal for anyone who wants to book the vaccine during the month of August – «there will be a million doses available» – and don’t wait until autumn when you risk longer waiting times.

Zaia live today

Covid Veneto, today’s bulletin

Molecular swabs made to date 6 million 107 thousand, rapid tests 5 million 948 thousand, exceeded the 12 million swabs made in Veneto. Incidence 3.20%. The new positives in the last 24 hours have been 425. The current positives are 13,779. The total number of hospitalized patients is 206 patients (-2), 24 in intensive care (+1) – “and they are practically all unvaccinated”, revealed Zaia -, 182 in non-critical area (-3). Two victims in the past 24 hours.


The latest news

“We have positives every day, but there is no assault on hospitals: English history is not repeating itself – said Zaia -. The virus exists, but today we can say that the proposal to revise the parameters proved us right: today we would be at least in the orange zone. Instead we have changed the parameters in safety, we are 2% in intensive care in hospitals and 2% in the non-critical area. On the one hand we don’t do tragedies, on the other hand let’s not dismiss this pandemic as a flu. But if the number of infected people grows more and more, we have 5% of infected people who end up in hospital, and these risk clogging up the hospitals “, the governor warned again.

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Vaccines: this week there are 165 thousand Pfizer vaccines, from the next we arrive at 270 thousand arrivals and 285 thousand the next. Moderna also rises to 70,000 and then 90,000. “We have at least one million vaccines available in August. So those who want to book can do it, do not wait for September or October because there is a risk of chaos – said Zaia -. At the Ulss we have given indications to remain open also in August with the vaccination center, if there are reservations. We inoculate Pfizer e Modern. The state of things in Veneto today is due to all citizens who have been vaccinated, like it or not ”. We have exceeded 5 million and 800 thousand vaccine administrations today. Coverage: We exceeded 65% of the total population covered by at least one dose. If we consider the complete cycle, we are 56.7% of the total population.

New public health plan in Veneto

This morning the regional council approved the new public health plan. “We can’t have 5-hour queues – he underlines – it’s a problem even at a national level”. The Nnew public health plan that enters into action from 24 hours today, and introduces some Announcements. “Meanwhile i tampons they will no longer be open to access as they have been up to now (those who do not have the documentation will have to pay the buffer), because the system risks crashing – this has happened in Treviso in recent days – and those who swab are our doctors who we have diverted from the hospitals. It is a very complicated management. Furthermore, today we must align ourselves with the national agreement: Figliuolo has signed an agreement with pharmacies for the price of tampons (8 euros, 15 euros, 22 euros).

The protocol signed by the emergency commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, Federfarma, Assofarm and Farmacie Unite establishes a controlled price of 8 euros for those under the age of 18, and 15 euros for those who have more. But only until September 30th.

«The last aspect is that it is necessary to guarantee – continued Zaia – the efficient service for contact tracing, to the sick, to the unvaccinated with pathologies. We cannot think of continuing to do 50 thousand tampons every day, this is a fact ».

The tourist issue: “Germany for the unvaccinated has asked for a swab at the entrance, in tourist resorts we do not exclude organizing buffer points at 22 euros”. There should be at least one Covid point for each Ulss, for those with a tourist vocation there will be more than one point, with the possibility of cashless payment, with Pos.

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What changes: the paid tampons

Doctor Michele Mongillo, Prevention – Public Health, explains in detail the changes inherent to the new plan approved by the Executive. «In any case, tests are free for all excluded from the vaccination campaign, under 12 years old, or have a formal exemption certified by the ULSS from vaccination “. Do you need an appointment to swab? “It is not yet clear – said Mongillo – we will see in the coming days the concrete impact on the various territorial points, currently it remains free access with priorities and criteria listed below “.

Test, for those who stay free

  • Under 12
  • Who has an Ulss certification
  • Swabs made in case of clinical indications (those with suspicious symptoms, epidemiological investigations, contact tracing, scheduled hospitalizations, access to the emergency room)
  • Periodic screening of health professionals
  • Operators and guests of the territorial health and socio-sanitary structures, and also for visitors and guests
  • The area of ​​disability (operators, family members, care givers)
  • Recreational or educational services area for minors
  • The Ulss will be able to send further population groups of interest

Test, who has to pay them

  • For those who have to make a trip abroad or to return to Italy
  • For those who ask for it for personal purposes, including access to services that require the Green pass
  • Tests for business needs
  • For participation and attendance in recreational contexts

Unvaccinated healthcare, what will happen?

Doctor Flor, dg of regional health, spoke about the situation of health workers not yet vaccinated, Zaia commented: “I am an incurable optimist, I think that those who cannot for health reasons must be listened to, then there will also be those they do it because they made this decision, but the measures must be taken by the directors of the Venetian Healthcare. Each director will find the best solution, respecting the freedom of these people who have a contract that does not provide for vaccination ». The President of Veneto points the index on the rules for the new hiring of health professionals, which would not take into account the issue of compulsory vaccinations. “I understand that they are making new hires – he notes – in the same way as before”.

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Green pass in Veneto

“I think that at this stage it should not become a war of religion, the situation must be managed with common sense both by the patrons and by the managers and by the police forces. It cannot become an extreme hunt ». This was stated by the president of Veneto Luca Zaia, also specifying that “it is disturbing” the fashion among young people not to say they are positive in order not to return from holidays. For the Governor, “it takes a period of adjustment. I do not want to carry on anyone’s thesis because we have so many cases of vaccinated people who cannot obtain the Green pass: if you apply a law – he clarifies – you must do it knowing that everyone can be in a position to demonstrate their legal conduct with respect to what is asked “. Furthermore, according to Zaia, “total control cannot be passed on to managers. In theory, the Green Pass is not an identification document. The managers – he concludes – are there to make grilled fish and steaks not the policemen ».

Green pass, Lamorgese: “The owners of the premises cannot ask for the documents, but the controls are up to them”

Visits to the RSA

Will it be possible to return to visit guests? «Visitors to nursing homes fall into the categories that can swab for free, we transpose all the directives (the reference is to the last one which provides for the return of visits to the RSA for 45 minutes once a week). But I remember that the rest homes are not managed by the Veneto Region – underlined Zaia -. Given what has happened, I realize that the managers are in a position of self-defense, to avoid outbreaks ».

What does the mathematical model of Veneto foresee?

The model with the projections of the contagions “creaks”, apparently, and the fault would be the Delta variant: “With this variant the old mathematical model no longer works – said Zaia -, we have to” register it “”.

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