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The second volume of CAPCOM’s classic large-scale video game collection “Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium” debuts on 7/22

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The second volume of CAPCOM’s classic large-scale video game collection “Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium” debuts on 7/22
CAPCOM announced that the second installment of the series “Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium”, which includes a number of CAPCOM arcade game masterpieces, will debut on July 22 (Friday). Same as the previous work, this work collects a variety of arcade masterpieces to fully present the feelings and excitement of the year to the players, and adds commands such as “rewind”, “set game speed” and “leaderboard” that were not in the original version. Players can easily play the function.

In addition, the “Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium” game itself will be available for players to download for free. As long as you download the main body, you can play the action game masterpiece “SonSon” for free.

Experience the feelings and excitement of the year again!32 masterpieces of Capcom arcade games released

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Whether it’s in its arcade dawn or its heyday, there are all kinds of games. This work contains a total of 32 game masterpieces, and has collected a variety of action, shooting, puzzle and other rich and diverse game lineups for players! Not only that, but also the first ported games such as “Muscle Bomber – The Body Explosion -” and “Ultimate Ecology”. Let’s enjoy the masterpieces of the year with modern machines!

List of recorded games

  • Grandson

  • Cho Fuyu Yosai Exed Exes

  • Gan Sumoku

  • Rush & Crash

  • Side Arms

  • Hissatsu Buraiken

  • Black Dragon

  • Street Fighter

  • Tora he no Michi

  • 1943 Kai – Midway Kaisen –

  • Last Duel

  • Rally 2011 Led Storm

  • A.K.A Magic Sword

  • Wonder 3

  • A.K.A The King of Dragons

  • A.K.A Block Block

  • A.K.A Knights of the Round – Entaku no Kishi –

  • Muscle Bomber – The Body Explosion –

  • Ultimate Ecology

  • Pnickies

  • Vampire – The Night Warriors –

  • Vampire Hunter – Darkstalkers’ Revenge –

  • Street Fighter ZERO

  • ROCKMAN – The Power Battle –

  • Street Fighter ZERO2

  • Super Puzzle Fighter IIX

  • ROCKMAN 2 – The Power Fighters –

  • A.K.A Vampire Savior – The Lord of Vampire –

  • Capcom Sports Club

  • Pocket Fighter

  • Street Fighter ZERO3

  • Hyper Street Fighter II The Anniversary Edition

Introduce some of the game works

Muscle Bomber – The Body Explosion –

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The time was the 1980s, the golden age of wrestling. The Bumper World Tour is in full swing and a new champion is about to be born. The ten best players in the world have come together to compete for the coveted title of “Kamma Hero Master”. Immediately step into the ring, the bell is about to ring.

Ultimate Ecology

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In the distant future, humanity has expanded across the galaxy, ushering in an era of unprecedented prosperity. However, corruption followed. Large space corporations began to exploit the planet’s natural resources, turning it into a dead planet. Dr. Moly, a scientist on Elwood, transformed the waste dumped by the space enterprise into two fighter jets, which he gave to his concubine and concubine to save the planet.


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Before the birth of human beings, the earth used to be the place where angels and demons compete. Suddenly one day, an unexpected being named Pnickie descends from space and intervenes in the battle!

Fully loaded with features that were not available in the original version, allowing you to play the recorded games to the fullest!

Don’t miss the new features that only belong to this game! This game will add a lot of features that allow players to easily play various games! Take advantage of these features and you will never get tired of it!


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  • image

Don’t worry even if you are defeated by a strong opponent! Use the “Rewind” function to play multiple challenges. It can even be used in different situations, such as for shooting perfect presentation scenes, etc.

Set game speed

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Ability to adjust the game speed freely!In shooting games, slow down in order to avoid enemy attacks; you can also speed up the playback of the title

degree, allowing players to enjoy the game more efficiently.


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You can set the size, filter and background of the game screen by yourself. You can even set filters like real arcade games to awaken the excitement of playing in the console center! There are also a variety of arcade designs for players to choose from, and the buttons and joysticks will also be linked with the game and swing according to the player’s input.


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Be able to check the top scores and times for different works from around the world! Players can train themselves and compete with players around the world; or set goals to challenge their best scores.

Download the base game of Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium for free!
It will also come with “SonSon”!Bringing you attractive product information

“Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium” game base will be available for players to download for free! Just download the main body, you can play the action game masterpiece “SonSon” for free! If you are a little interested in this work, you may wish to take this opportunity to download and try it for free.


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In addition to the game itself, players can purchase the game individually or purchase the valuable bundle “Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Bundle 1” that includes 30 game titles. Players who purchase the bundle can also receive “Gan Sumoku” as a bonus! Players can choose to buy them individually, or buy value packs to play their favorite works according to their personal preferences.

In addition to 30 game titles, a bonus “Gan Sumoku” will also be included. It’s more cost-effective than buying the game separately!

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Free DLC: Invincible Mode

Invincible Mode, which can be used in every game included in Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, is now available for free! No matter how difficult the game is, just use this function to pass the level easily!

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The luxurious soundtrack including popular songs from various works and medleys made by Capcom’s official band “CAP-JAMS” is released on Steam for a limited time only! According to the player’s preference, it can also be purchased individually or as a combination package.

recorded music

  • Main Theme SONSON

  • Main Theme SAVAGE BEES

  • Stage 1-4-7-9 Boss introduction – Stage Theme Gan Sumoku

  • Sharp Shooting (Stage 1 & 4 Theme) The Speed Rumbler


  • Gold Dragon Mansion (1st STAGE Theme) Tiger Road

  • Air Battle B 1943 Kai – Midway Kaisen –

  • Road to the Tower (Round 1) Magic Sword

  • Midnight Wanderers Stage 1-1 THREE WONDERS

  • Start Waiting Screen A.K.A KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND


  • Stage 2 ECO FIGHTERS

  • Demitri Stage (Romania) NIGHT

  • WARRIORS – Darkstalkers’ Revenge –

  • Player Select MEGAMAN – THE POWER BATTLE –

  • Cap-Jams Medley

Special border combo that can be used in the game for a limited time

Border Combination 1

Until August 5th (Fri), purchase “Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Bundle 1” to get the bonus “Border Bundle 1”! After the period, this product will be charged, don’t miss the opportunity to get this combination for free!

  • image

Special border combination

It will be released for a limited time from July 22nd (Friday) to August 4th (Thursday). Grab your chance to get special content such as borders and arcade designs for battle fighting games for free!

  • image

combined content

  • Special border design

    • Capcom Popular Characters Collection Wallpaper

    • Vampire (SP)

    • Vampire Hunter (SP)

    • Super Puzzle Fighter II X (SP)

    • Vampire Savior (SP)

    • Pocket Fighter (SP)

    • Hyper Street Fighter II (SP)

  • 3D Arcade Design Upright (Vampire Savior) (1 of 1)

Get special content in conjunction with the first installment of “Capcom Arcade Stadium”!

Capcom Arcade Stadium Music & Lights

Players who own the first “Capcom Arcade Stadium” save will get “Capcom Arcade Stadium Music & Lights”! Added functions such as changing the color of the option screen and BGM, allowing you to enjoy games with different atmospheres.

  • image

Additional features

  • Launcher color change function

  • Change BGM function

Instruction Card Backgrounds

“Instruction Card Backgrounds” are available to those who purchased the first add-on game “Capcom Arcade Stadium”! It is possible to set the manual and main visual of the recorded works as the game tablecloth.

  • image

Special Edition Background

Celebrating the 39th Anniversary of CAPCOM & the 1st Anniversary of the Project
Capcom Arcade Stadium: Street Fighter II – The World Warrior – will be released for free

  • image
  • image
With the support of the majority of players, CAPCOM celebrates its 39th anniversary, and “Capcom Arcade Stadium” also celebrates its 1st anniversary.

To commemorate this moment, the additional DLC “Capcom Arcade Stadium: Street Fighter II – The World Warrior -“, the first part of this project, will be released for free until July 21, 2022 (Thu) 23:59!

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How to play is very simple! Just download Capcom Arcade Stadium for free, and then download Street Fighter II – The World Warrior – to play! After acquiring SF II, you can also get a bonus when you download the Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium this episode.

  • 發佈 DLC:Capcom Arcade Stadium: Street Fighter II – The World Warrior –

  • Release time: June 10, 2022 (Friday) ~ July 21, 2022 (Thursday) HKT 23:59

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