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The secret exercise to improve your body after 40: try it and you will be amazed

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The secret exercise to improve your body after 40: try it and you will be amazed

Are you over 40 and looking to improve your physique? The secret exercise to do it fast: try it and see the results on your body.

Physical exercise plays an important role in our lives: thanks to movement, it is even possible to counteract the onset of some pathologies. As reported on the AIRC website, physical activity is an essential element for a healthy life. They would be enough 150 minutes of training per week to have health benefits.

For those who don’t know, even after the age of 40 it is possible to work on your physique and improve not only your muscle mass, but also your elasticity and figure. Having reached this threshold, many things can certainly change: there are hormonal disruptions, the first wrinkles appear, the hair changes color, the metabolism becomes increasingly slower. Despite this, with some tricks, you can really change your physique and strengthen your muscles like never before. There is a secret exercise that many underestimate: the results linked to carrying it out are however impressive.

The secret exercise to improve your body after 40
After seeing the strategy to slow down aging after 40, today we focus our attention on an exercise that can seriously change your body. Kirk Charles, a world-class personal trainer, has revealed the benefits of Farmer’s Walk. This exercise would affect your forearms, core, and lower body.

To perform the farmer’s walk, all you need are dumbbells or, better yet, kettlebells. Holding them tight on both sides of your body, squeeze your shoulder blades together and look carefully straight ahead, keeping your spine straight. At this point, perform a slow walk while contracting your core. For the well-known instructor, this is the ideal table: 100 steps, 2 minutes of rest, 100 steps. Four sets a day 3 times a week: the results will surely leave you speechless. The practicality of this exercise is remarkable: there is no need to go to the gym since you can easily perform it even in your home. Day after day, you can also increase the weights: the improvements will be evident and your body will be the envy of everyone, including young people.

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So, if you’re over 40 and looking to improve your physique, give the Farmer’s Walk a try. With just a few sets a week, you can see significant improvements in your muscle mass, core strength, and overall physique. Don’t let age hold you back – try this secret exercise and see the results for yourself.

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