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“There is a huge number of unregistered positives, they don’t swab or don’t declare it”

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They swab at home, they turn out positive to Covid and do not report it to the authorities, or they know they are infected but do not do any checks. The virologist Massimo Galli, last night from the stage of Agorà on Rai Tre he warned of the problem of positives not registered, which risk altering official statistics and making the response to the pandemic more difficult.

According to the doctor, former director of the infectious diseases department at the Sacco hospital in Milan, we cannot be sure that this is the peak of the fourth wave Because there is “a huge amount of people who have the infection but that the swab either did not do it or did it in completely private terms and did not declare it ». “Cases of this type I hear in barrels every day” added the professor “People who contact us and to the question: ‘are you registered as an infection in progress’, they answer no”. Galli insisted that it should be borne in mind that the available data, on which the forecasts of the pandemic curve are processed, I’m not 100% sure: “The numbers we are thinking about come from a great mass of tampons but they are not numbers we can be completely confident about.”

Massimo Galli, the virologist positive at Covid: “Infected by Omicron, I was crap”

Omicron less dangerous than Delta, but don’t let your guard down

In his televised speech the virologist has put on guard also on the weakening of the Omicron variant «the beyond 400 deaths we saw yesterday I don’t think they are all from Delta. Probably the Omicron it has less pathogenicity than the other “said the expert” but that does not mean that it does not, otherwise we would not see all these dead “.

Clash over the dad between the professor and Augusta Montaruli (Brothers of Italy)

In the same transmission they are turn up the tones between the professor and Augusta Montaruli, deputy of the Brothers of Italy, on the topic of Covid and school. Galli he reiterated that he was opposed to the choice of reopening the school at the height of the wave: «Here it is not a question of being the champion of the dad, but here it is a question of talking about 15 days in the peak of the pandemic. Since two years you don’t understand what’s happening“. Montaruli replied immediately: «We must find the balance between the right to education and the right to health. We must seek a 360 degree balance ».

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