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«There is a lack of spaces and teachers. And in the end many will not find work”

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«There is a lack of spaces and teachers.  And in the end many will not find work”

Concerns Mount Over New System for Entry into Medical School

Professor Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti, a prominent doctor and academic, has raised concerns about the organizational challenges posed by the new system of entry into medical school without an entrance test. As the director of the Paediatrics department at the Buzzi Hospital and vice-rector for relations with Health Institutions at the State University of Milan, Zuccotti is worried about the capacity limitations facing medical schools.

“There is a capacity problem, because we don’t have classrooms large enough to accommodate everyone. And we don’t even have enough professors to hold the courses or conduct exams within the first semester,” Zuccotti stated.

While the new system eliminates the controversial entrance tests, Zuccotti stressed the need for a fair selection process. He noted the similarities with the French model, where a strict evaluation at the end of the first year creates intense competition among students.

Minister Bernini has projected the training of around 30 thousand new doctors through the new system. However, Zuccotti expressed concerns about the potential oversupply of doctors in certain specialties, while others face shortages.

“Our emergency rooms are overwhelmed, and there is a shortage of anesthetists, general practitioners, and pediatricians,” Zuccotti highlighted. He emphasized the challenges of retaining doctors due to low salaries and demanding work conditions.

As discussions continue on how to address these concerns, the future of medical education and healthcare remains uncertain. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.


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