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This is how you can reduce your weight healthily and sustainably

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This is how you can reduce your weight healthily and sustainably

Nutrition researcher Knop: This is how you can reduce your weight healthily and sustainably

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Health expert Uwe Knop answers how you can effectively and sustainably reduce weight. He also analyzes risks and gives tips for a healthy and balanced diet.

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Which methods of losing weight are the most effective?

Both science and practice agree: If you want to lose weight sustainably, you have to follow your own individual path. This means that the long-term change in diet fits perfectly with your own personality as well as your metabolism and lifestyle. Only those who consistently implement this individual weight loss solution with will, joy and passion will not only lose kilos, but will also be able to maintain their new, slimmed-down desired weight permanently. The times of general “one-fits-all” concepts and fixed diet plans, however, are over.

How can people easily and sustainably lose weight?

Simple – it will be difficult. For many people, just starting out is a real psychological challenge: being completely honest with yourself and getting to the bottom of the causes of weight “without blinkers”. Pure “naked” self-reflection is the key word to start with. In order to reduce weight sustainably, you need a strong will, endurance, resilient self-confidence, psychological and physical stress/deprivation and a lot of effort (e.g. possibly counting calories), all of which can be very challenging alone and especially in combination. You should also be knowledgeable about nutritional science: What is true, what is myth, what do I have to pay attention to, what is nonsense and just makes my life difficult?

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About the expert

Uwe Knop, born in 1972, is a qualified nutritionist, author, and speaker for lectures at professional associations, companies and at medical training courses. His book “Successfully lose weight and stay slim” was published by Springer-Verlag.

What are the risks associated with losing weight quickly?

The risks of losing weight can be: failure, self-doubt, yo-yo effect (i.e. weight gain), higher fat deposits and eating disorders. So it’s not all fun. And this can happen both when losing weight quickly and in the medium to long term in the moderate variant.

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“Successfully lose weight and stay slim” by Uwe Knop

How can people promote a healthy and balanced diet?

The path to a healthy and balanced diet is called “eating intuitively”. This means: Nothing is forbidden, everything is allowed when eating. What counts is complete trust in your own body: When am I really hungry, what do I feel like, what do I like, when am I full and, above all, what can I tolerate well? This most natural and organic form of nutrition is one of the key success factors. Only those who integrate foods into their “path to their desired weight” that really taste good, that they enjoy eating and, above all, tolerate well, will have long-term success. Therefore, one credo is: If you forego a lot, you have to enjoy more – for example with a culinary highlight, i.e. a special, epicurean treat every day.

Frequently asked questions on this topic

What are the main reasons for stagnant weight?

The main cause of no further weight loss is subconscious snacking. Other possible reasons include less physical activity in everyday life, water retention, …

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Yasmin Flohr

Nutritionist and fitness trainer

How can you boost your metabolism to overcome the weight plateau?

A healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity, a balanced diet and enough sleep helps to boost metabolism in the long term. There is no magic pill, but…

Yasmin Flohr

Nutritionist and fitness trainer

What role does nutrition play in overcoming weight stagnation?

A balanced diet plays the crucial role in overcoming weight stagnation. A calorie deficit is crucial, but should not be too large. It is important that the food consumed is rich in fiber, proteins, …

Yasmin Flohr

Nutritionist and fitness trainer

How can I adapt my training program to break the weight plateau?

Moderate endurance training such as longer, brisk walks, walking, cycling or swimming is particularly helpful for burning fat. Strength training should also be incorporated as…

Yasmin Flohr

Nutritionist and fitness trainer

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