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to whom it belongs and how to request it

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to whom it belongs and how to request it

The exemption of the health ticket for disability is one of the concessions recognized by the National Health Service and includes all, or only some, specialist outpatient services.

To request it, it is necessary that the state and degree of invalidity are ascertained by the competent medical commission of the local health authority of the patient’s residence.

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The application to obtain the recognition of civil invalidity must be submitted electronically to INPS. It is not necessary that certain income conditions be present, as it is totally independent of the economic conditions of those who request it. As regards drugs, it is necessary to refer to one’s own Region of belonging. In fact, the sharing in the cost of class A medicines has been established at the regional level.

Only war invalids, holders of a direct life pension and victims of terrorism have the right to collect medicines belonging to class “C” free of charge (therefore for a fee for the patients), on the prescription of the doctor who certifies their proven therapeutic usefulness.

Ticket exemption for disability: the question

A reader sent the following question: “My 96-year-old mother had the recognition of disability, law 104, accompaniment. In the family the total income (there are 3 of us: I am an employee, my sister is retired) exceeds the maximum ceiling. I would like to apply for disability exemption for my mom. What is the code? “

Ticket exemption codes

To find the correct code with which to request theexemption from paying the health ticket it is necessary to go back to the category of disability to which you belong, available on the website of the Ministry of Health. According to the recognized disability, in fact, two types of exemption are provided. The first includes all the instrumental diagnostics, laboratory and other specialist services included in the Lea (essential levels of assistance). The other is related only to the benefits related to the pathology that caused the disability.

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There is also the possibility to apply for exemption from the ticket for chronic diseases. The list of pathologies or conditions exempt and the related services to which one is entitled is also available on the website of the Ministry of Health.

How to apply for exemption

The exemption must be requested from the local health authority (ASL) of residence, by presenting a certificate attesting the invalidity or the presence of one or more diseases included in the appropriate list, issued by a public hospital or outpatient facility.

On the basis of the documents received, the ASL issues a certificate of exemption stating the definition of the disease or condition. This document contains the relevant identification code, as well as the services for which it is not necessary to pay the ticket.

Disability ticket exemption

The exemption from the payment of the health ticket is not strictly linked to law 104/92, but can be requested by those who have a certified disability or have a pathology or chronic condition, according to the methods indicated.

In the specific case, the code for requesting the exemption could be C02- Civil invalids with 100% disability with accompanying allowance (pursuant to Article 6 of Ministerial Decree 1.2.1991). However, it is recommended to check with the local ASL.

If you have doubts or want to ask a social security, tax and law 104 question, submit your question here.

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