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Trieste, broken pipe and flooded gym in Melara: stop training for one hundred athletes

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TRIESTE Significant damage to the facility and at least a couple of weeks of stop imposed on sports activities. This is the budget linked to the flooding of the Melara gymnasium, in via Pasteur 41, a structure marked by the rupture of a fire hose, which took place on the evening of Sunday 13 June.

The accident spared the changing rooms – which are still unusable in light of the anti-pandemic regulations in force – but it affected part of the walls and above all rendered useless a large part of the sports equipment supplied to the Acrobatica Trieste company, the club that manages the aegis of Us Acli, a plant owned by Ater.

Almost 300 athletes are enrolled in Acrobatica Trieste and an abundant hundred athletes engaged in the competitive field who in these days used the spaces of the PalaMelara for daily training related to the practices of the trampoline and Parkour, the latter the sport that involves the study of acrobatics in urban environments and where vaulting, climbing and rolling prevail in every space and situation.

“We estimate, roughly, that the damage is around 10 thousand euros – speculated Luca Gherbaz, technician of Acrobatica Trieste and manager of the Via Pasteur plant -: we are talking about mats and other specialized tools with which children can train safely in particular acrobatic exercises. We worked hard to save something but much of the material was ruined by water. It must be said that Ater was timely in the first building and electrical plant appraisals, the problem is now forced inactivity – he added -, this accident unfortunately comes even a few days after our initiatives organized as summer camps “.

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On the incident and on the issue of responsibilities, Franco Korenika, director of Ater spoke yesterday: “It is a gym owned by Ater but on which a right of exclusive use is built, without any consideration, in favor of the Municipality of Trieste – he specified – which also has the obligation of maintenance and conservation status on the basis of a thirty-year agreement between the then Iacp and the Municipality itself. From what has been ascertained – continued Korenika – the pipe broke in correspondence with a bypass built in recent years, presumably by the Municipality or by the users of the structure, in fact Ater is not in charge of the management or maintenance of the systems . The companies for emergency repairs have been activated by the Company and we believe that a responsibility could not be charged to Ater as owner if it were ascertained – he concluded – a lack of proper management by the concessionaire or his successors in title ». –

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