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Vaccines: what diseases can they prevent? Are they safe? A portal for information

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Vaccines: what diseases can they prevent?  Are they safe?  A portal for information

by Maria Giovanna Faiella

The Cittadinanzattiva website and handbook to help citizens orient themselves in the babel of information and procedures. An interactive map to find the vaccination centers closest to your place of residence

Which diseases can be prevented with vaccines? Why get vaccinated? Which and how many vaccines are offered free of charge by the National Health Service? Are they safe? How to find the nearest vaccination centers in your region? This and other information is available on interactive portal «TuttoVaccini» created by Cittadinanzattiva, together with a Vademecum downloadable online, created in collaboration with experts from professional associations, doctors’ unions, scientific societies, institutional representatives at local, regional and national level, patient associations, healthcare workers. The intent is to help citizens orient themselves in the babel of national and local information, procedures and laws, as well as giving practical indications, for example, on how to find the vaccination center near their place of residence, which vaccinations are compulsory for children or those recommended for travelers or the elderly and frail people.

Tool available to everyone

«TuttoVaccini – explains Anna Lisa Mandorino, general secretary of Cittadinanzattiva – is a tool that we make available to everyone – citizens, institutions, health professionals and the media – with a view to a shared responsibility on a fundamental challenge, which is that of prevention, for collective health and for the sustainability of our National Health Service. And we ask interested parties to contribute to updating and enriching the platform, which can orient people and encourage full and conscious adherence to vaccinations, one of the most important prevention tools we have.”

Valeria Fava, coordinator of health policies at Cittadinanzattiva adds: «We hope that this initiative of ours can contribute to overcoming some critical issues of the system that we have been highlighting for years, and that also the new National Vaccine Prevention Plan 2023-25 highlights, namely: a strong lack of homogeneity in regional organizational models, vaccination routes and offers; a failure to achieve the expected vaccination coverage, especially in some territories and for some vaccinations, a general lack of information. Our objectives are to make vaccinations more easily accessible, continue to raise awareness and provide correct information, monitor the implementation and future updating of the new Plan in the Regions”.

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The virtual assistant helps

On the «TuttoVaccini» platform, in the «Information» section you can find answers on the safety of vaccines and the reasons why it is recommended to get vaccinated; in the area dedicated to «National legislation» the mandatory (for children and adolescents) and recommended vaccinations are listed; in the «Vaccinations» section you can access information on diseases that can be prevented with vaccinations – from rubella to measles, from whooping cough to chickenpox and tetanus -, on vaccinations recommended for age groups and health conditions, for people at risk for pathologies, due to behavior or professional exposure, the vaccinations recommended for travellers.
The portal, promoted by Cittadinanzattiva with the non-conditional contribution of GSK, MSD and Viatris and the technical support for the creation of the Kinoa Innovation Studio portal, also has a virtual assistant for answers to the most frequently asked questions and support in searching for information .

Geolocalized map of public centers and pharmacies

Furthermore, the geolocalized mapping of the over 1800 public vaccination centers is available on the portal with specific information on where they are located, to identify the one closest to your residence.
Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration with Federfarma, over 5,400 pharmacies in the area where it is possible to get vaccinated have so far been mapped.
Marco Cossolo, president of national Federfarma, comments: «The Cittadinanzattiva initiative has great socio-health value and is fully within the mission of the pharmacy, a local vaccination center and at the same time a place where citizens can find a pharmacist, a capable healthcare professional. to train, inform and guide. Pharmacies spread the culture of vaccination every day as an effective prevention tool and are ready to respond to the new health needs of citizens as part of the reorganization of local healthcare, also by implementing vaccines that can be administered.”

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February 28, 2024


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