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Weight Loss Diet Health » Movement on the Vegan Front – Pickles, Angels and Dionysus

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The last article heading, in which advice and nonsense came up, was of course about “counselling”, also “coaching” and indirectly therapy and self-help, but taboos and therefore overcoming fear, shame and silence are rarely discussed, because so it is usual, according to the motto: “Keep going, as usual”.

“People” are already against change, long before they change anything, they find excuses and excuses, and the experts think their suggestions are correct, but they don’t seem that completely convinced and don’t want to scare anyone off when presenting the risks, or he/she Patients are also less interested in them.

On the meatless front, there are gains in tempeh; it has now been proven that, as here, the preparation of smaller quantities in a backpack operation can succeed “in one go” together with the yoghurt fermentation in the multicooker.

The decoration is important for food photos, say the photo consultants – that’s why I arranged the tempeh with spelled tagliatelle nests – but I hadn’t experienced that the decoration came unsolicited and voluntarily…

“Tempeh instead of plastic” is not so self-evident that it needs no explanation: when I was experimenting with tempeh, I once succeeded in making a plate out of tempeh-fermented oatmeal. After what I found sensational, no one crowed – and so it happened that nationwide zero chickens are fed with used organic oatmeal plates, and the environment is not relieved in this way by plastic dishes.

Above all, the “green miracle balcony” teaches that what is possible is rarely done and improved. There are notions of order or “neatness,” and periods of not watering lead to ruin. Personal needs can only be covered selectively, as with peppermint; it gets difficult with cucumbers. The gardener once tried preparing them as pickled cucumbers:

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I didn’t stick to the proven gherkin recipe 100 percent, but gherkins are an interesting alternative to gherkins, which have strange quality differences. In my opinion, the fermentation of the gherkin is not stopped, so that it is important to store it correctly and eat it at the right time. “Spreewald gherkin” would be a “protected geographical indication”, which does not apply to “Spessart gherkin” or “Taunus gherkin”. Either way, cucumber belongs on the trending foodboard, alongside a bowl of oatmeal for those who want to be strict with themselves while pursuing their oat diet.

There wasn’t a fresh Fressnet article last week because I’m back to work on the “narcissus complex” had continued – which logically has to do with the logic of what is told, and recently politicians who have been scratched by the oats are trying their hand at mythology:

“And those who are walking around here with doves of peace, maybe that’s why they’re fallen angels coming from hell, because they’re ultimately speaking the word of a warmonger.”

These are words that our Chancellor Scholz said at an SPD election campaign event on August 23, 2023, in real or mock rage, because of such pictures:

The “white ghost” is supposed to be a dove of peace; the fluttering animal with the olive branch in its beak is actually a biblical symbol for the “harmony between God and man”because it showed the brave seafarer Noah that the waters of the great flood are receding and “land is in sight”.

The connection with the “angels fallen into hell” is actually only that angels also have wings and are fictitious. Pigeons that are fried and fly into the mouths of the lazy are part of the “myth” of Cockaigne, and Archangel Michael, the guardian of paradise, ensures that the SPD does not fall into the lap of the large majority 😉 .

The fact that Willy Brandt, since he was responsible for the Eastern treaties, would also negotiate today is spiritualistic superstition: Putin (“Whoever lies once is not believed,” says our proverb) is not Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin, the Soviet Union is no more, however Wagenknecht thinks that Brandt’s Ostpolitik has been banished to hell as a result of the fall into hell…

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It is fitting that others are raving about the return of the “D-Mark” and think they have leased the knowledge of “true Europe”: No, nobody has that and knowledge as private property would be undemocratic…

The “pre-scientific” explanation of these damage phenomena would be that Dyonisus is in play, so the actors act like they were drunk and need the Sunday to sleep in to regenerate the hung-over head. What misery!

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