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Who would you like as Italian Tech Person of the Year?

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We often talk about technology, but who has used it better in 2021? Who used it to create a positive impact on others? Who invented a new thing destined to change the world? Who used it to overcome an insurmountable obstacle that life had suddenly put before him, thus becoming an example for everyone else?

In short, if we had to choose it, all together, now, who would be there Italian Tech Person of the Year del 2021? We want to try to find out in the next 3 weeks. With Cristiano Seganfreddo, who for many years curated an important innovation award, and Eleonora Chioda, who tells this world with passion as director of Millionaire, we thought of organizing an end-of-year event together. At the Milan Triennale, on December 9th. It will be called “2031. Italian Tech Award “. An evening in which to reward the best startups of the year, with a real prize pool of around 3 million euros. And the election of the Italian Tech Person of the Year. We thought of doing it like this.

facebook: the post to comment to vote for the Italian Tech Person of the Year

From now on for a week there is time for your applications: via Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook (the post is what you see above), but also WhatsApp: write the candidate’s name and surname and what he did to deserve the candidacy. We will submit all those names to a quality jury. We chose the Cultura Italia chat, which has 256 exponents from the various worlds of culture, entertainment and sport. We will ask them to reduce all nominations to 10 people. Which at that point we will vote online to arrive on December 9th with the 3 finalists. Three Italians who this year have made a memorable feat with technology.

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And you, who do you think it is l’Italian Tech Person of the Year?


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