Home News A man drives a car to take a colleague home for free, but he has a car accident and pays 900,000 yuan.

A man drives a car to take a colleague home for free, but he has a car accident and pays 900,000 yuan.

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For the driver, it may be out of good intentions, but if there is an accident, you may drag yourself into the water.

According to reports, recently, the courts of Xiamen, Fujian and Haicang districts heard a dispute over ride-hailing, which caused heated discussions among netizens.

According to reports, the man Dai took his colleague Wang home by the way when he got off work.When driving to a certain road section, it collided with the roadside wall, causing a colleague Wang Mou to die on the spot.

The traffic police determined that: Dai was fully responsible for the accident, and Wang was not responsible for the accident. Dai and Wang’s family had no objection to this, and then Wang’s family demanded Dai to compensate more than 1.3 million yuan.


The court held that in this case, Dai Mou and the deceased Wang Mou were colleagues.The accident vehicle was a non-operating motor vehicle, and Dai did not charge him for carrying Wang.In addition, no intentional or obvious gross negligence of Dai was found in the accident determination letter.

The court decided that Dai should bear 70% of the compensation liability.It was ordered that Dai should compensate Wang’s family for more than 900,000 yuan of economic losses caused by the traffic accident.

This incident also aroused heated discussion among netizens. Out of good intentions, Dai took a colleague along the way, but a car accident resulted in the death of his colleague.

Wang’s family, because of Dai’s car accident, caused the death of their relatives, causing huge damage to the family and spirit, and the financial compensation they proposed was reasonable.

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So, in general, it is a risky thing to drive a car to pick up people.Drivers and friends should pay special attention, or buy the occupant insurance of the vehicle to reduce risk factors.


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