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A march for legality in Molfetta, ‘respect life’ – News

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A march for legality in Molfetta, ‘respect life’ – News

The song “Io sono l’altro” by Nicolò Fabi broke the silence in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Molfetta, in the Bari area. There, not far from the church of Santa Teresa, the words of the Roman singer-songwriter gave voice to a march made up of steps, glances and hands that woven placards calling for legality. The procession was wanted by the city associations and the Church of Molfetta to ask people to stop and reflect on the violence that has marked the city in recent months.

Among the episodes that have created concern among citizens, there is what happened on New Year’s Eve when a group of boys, including some minors, overturned a car right in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, exploding firecrackers in the engine compartment: the great some of them were reached by precautionary measures carried out by the carabinieri. Last Thursday, however, 23-year-old Dario De Gennaro was stabbed to death in an apartment under renovation in the Immacolata district. The 29-year-old Onofrio De Pasquale turned himself in for the murder and is now in prison. Gestures that frightened a community that took to the streets and walked through the streets and squares near the parishes in the center of the Immacolata, San Domenico and San Gennaro. The parish priests, together with the members of some associations such as Azione Cattolica and Libera, walked holding torches in their hands, in prayer. “I address all educational agencies, starting from schools, which together with families, parishes and institutions, must transmit messages of respect for the person and life to the youngest and relaunch the importance of non-violence and respect for legality”, the words of the mayor of Molfetta, Tommaso Minervini.

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