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A woman was found lifeless in her home in Pitalito

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A woman was found lifeless in her home in Pitalito

Yenni Fernanda Claros, a 30-year-old mother, was found dead in her home in the Las Américas neighborhood, in Valle de Laboyos.

According to known information, the tragic discovery occurred last Wednesday around 11:30 in the morning, when relatives of the young woman, noticing her absence, proceeded to look for her throughout the house, finding an unfortunate scene.

The woman was found in the bathroom of the residence without vital signs, in what would be an act of self-elimination. Despite the fact that they tried to help the woman, unfortunately there was nothing to do anymore.

The Technical Criminal Investigation Corps went to the scene to carry out the removal of the body, which was transferred to Legal Medicine for the corresponding analysis and to determine the exact cause of death. At the same time, the collection of evidence began to clarify precisely what happened.

The tragic departure of Yenni Fernanda Claros has shocked the Pitalito community. The authorities have expressed their solidarity with her family at this difficult time and have reiterated her commitment to clarify the facts through an exhaustive investigation that will reveal the reasons that would have led her to make such an unfortunate decision.

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Yenni’s loss leaves a deep void in the community and highlights the importance of providing emotional support and resources to those facing emotional difficulties or personal crises. It is hoped that this tragedy will serve as a call to reflection on the importance of mental health and the need to promote a more empathetic and supportive society.

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Suicide is another of the scourges that departmental authorities are on alert, since in recent months unfortunate events have been reported throughout Huila.

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