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Accelerating Towards the Future: Tongling’s New Energy Automobile Industry Expansion

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Tongling, a city with a strong industrial foundation and comparative advantages, is poised to lead the future in the new energy automobile industry. As the global auto industry undergoes transformation and green development, new energy vehicles have emerged as the main direction for high-quality development. Responding to this opportunity, the provincial party committee and provincial government have emphasized the need to accelerate the construction of a strong province for new energy vehicles. Their goal is to further develop the new energy vehicle industry, solidify the entire industrial chain, increase the pace of internationalization, and showcase the clustering effect. Ultimately, the province aims to achieve a one trillion yuan industry in the automobile sector.

Tongling, at the forefront of the industry, is making rapid strides towards a “new” era of development in the new energy vehicle industry. The city has already established a solid industrial foundation in the fields of new energy batteries, materials, new energy vehicle wiring harnesses, and parts manufacturing. In 2022 alone, the output value of Tongling’s auto-related industries is projected to reach nearly 20 billion yuan.

The city boasts notable contributions in various aspects of the industry. Deyi Technology Co., Ltd. leads in power battery production, with an annual output of 20GWh. The company specializes in producing positive electrode material precursors, separators, electrolytes, and auxiliary materials necessary for new energy battery manufacturing. Other key players in Tongling’s new energy vehicle industry include Jingda Group, Jingqiang Electronics, Jisiyi Special Braided Wire, Tianhe Special Electromagnetic Wire, Rifei Bearing, Dongxing Components, Zhanpeng Hydraulics, Saifu Electronics, and Saifu Capacitor. These companies contribute to the production of key components such as electromagnetic wire, automotive wiring harnesses, capacitors, films, and more.

To accelerate the development of Tongling’s new energy automobile industry, the city has emphasized the importance of cultivating high-end enterprises. Tongling Jingda Enameled Wire Co., Ltd., for instance, has increased production to meet the rising demand for flat wire motors in the new energy vehicle market. By actively expanding their presence in the industry, Tongling Jingda Co., Ltd. has secured customers such as GM and BYD, contributing to the surge in sales and an annual production capacity of 45,000 tons.

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Anhui Huaxin Materials Co., Ltd. is another key player in the industry, specializing in the research, development, and manufacture of lithium battery copper foil. Their products are primarily used in new energy vehicle power batteries, meeting the increasing demand for high-quality materials in the industry.

To ensure the organized and healthy development of Tongling’s new energy vehicle industry, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission has compiled and announced implementation plans to support the industry’s growth. Additionally, the commission has established a new energy vehicle industry development fund, an industry alliance, and expert think tanks to promote cooperation and cooperation in the industry. The goal is to lay a solid foundation for Tongling’s future development in the new energy vehicle sector.

Furthermore, Tongling aims to coordinate the development of the industry by selecting the main direction of the industry and promoting collaboration among counties, districts, and parks within the city. By attracting upstream and downstream enterprises in the new energy automobile industry chain, Tongling hopes to create an agglomeration effect and further strengthen local enterprises’ innovation and investment. The city also plans to enhance research in the sector to better understand industry trends and serve the development of enterprises and industries, ultimately driving high-quality development in the new energy vehicle industry.

Embracing the opportunity presented by the new energy automobile industry, Tongling is committed to transforming and upgrading to achieve greater success. By actively seizing market opportunities and national policy support, the city aims to build a robust industrial ecosystem, promote enterprise upgrades, and expand the development possibilities of the industry.

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With a clear sense of direction, purpose, and rhythm, Tongling is propelling itself forward on the new track of the new energy automobile industry, poised to make significant strides in the future.

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